Beaded Ring

Go all glamorous! Make a dazzling beaded ring!

You can do it!
Here’s what you need:

It’s so easy!

Here’s how to create a stunning beaded ring:

  1. Cut a piece of wire 12” to 24” long.
  2. Thread wire through first hole of the perforated ring form a few times to secure, ending with the wire coming out the top of the ring form.
  3. String on desired beads, weaving wire in and out of the holes on the ring form.
  4. When you reach the last hole, or near the end of the wire, thread the wire through several times to secure. Continue with another length of wire if necessary.
  5. To finish off, clip wire and tuck in the end with your needle nose pliers.

Tip: For more sparkle, use faceted beads!

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