Spring Sensation Bracelet

Nothing says SPRINGTIME like a bracelet of butterflies and soft pastels!

You can do it!

Here's what you need:


It's so easy!

Here's how to create a SPRINGTIME bracelet of butterflies and soft pastels:

  1. Cut a length of wire 2" longer than the desired length of the finished bracelet.
  2. Add the bar part of the toggle clasp, securing it with a crimp bead. (Follow our basic crimping instructions).
  3. Alternate three pastel rondelles with four silver-plated 4mm beads.
  4. Add a butterfly bead.
  5. Repeat sequence until you have the desired length.
  6. Add a crimp bead and repeat Step 2, this time attaching the ring part of the toggle clasp.
  7. For a fabulous finish, follow our basic dangle instructions and turn a butterfly bead into a charm, then attach it to the toggle's ring.
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