Clever Ideas for Party Favors for Kids & Adults

By Penny Warner


Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming, and favors leave them with a memento of a great time. For a special touch personalize them to coordinate with your party theme. Here are some suggestions for matching party themes and favors.


Animal Theme: Stuffed animals, finger puppets, hand puppets, inflated animals, animal pencil toppers, animal bookmarks, animal stickers, animal cups, animal visors, animal caps, animal bags, animal pens, animal masks, frogs, ducks, monkeys.


Candy Theme: Gum machines, gummy candies, tape rolls, pop rocks, coins, lips and teeth, suckers, pacifiers, hamburger and hotdog shaped candy, fortune cookies, pez, crystals, gold nuggets.


Craft Theme: Craft kits, jewelry kits, flower kits, candy bracelets, picture frames, decorated carry bags, aprons, pencils, pens, paints, beads, masks.


Dinosaur Theme: Dinosaur eggs, miniature dinosaurs, dino stampers, dino puppets, dino pencil toppers.


Fashion Theme: Jewelry, glow jewelry, jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, friendship bracelets, candy bracelets, pins, toe rings, necklace pens, carry bags, hats, bandannas, sunglasses, lip gloss, nail glitter, nail decals, makeup bags, body jewelry, body makeup.


Fiesta Theme: Sombreros, chili pepper jewelry, maracas, votives, piñatas, bandannas, ponchos, cactus cups, colorful flowers.

Game Theme: Puzzles, water games, magic springs, handheld games, cards, jump ropes, flying discs, magnetic games, mind teasers, peg games, poker chips.


Happy Face Theme: Balls, pencils, bags, bottles, wrist slappers, yo-yos, noisemakers, stickers, mugs, squeeze eyes, cards, tattoos, stamps.


Joke and Gag Favors: Silly hats (hamburger, chicken, crab, fruit, flamingo, shark, neon, stovepipe, gangsters, jester, clown, crown, tiara), chatter teeth, trick gum, trick can of nuts, disappearing ink, whoopee cushion, rubber chicken, glasses with noses, bugs, snakes.

Luau Theme: Leis, grass skirts, hats, coconuts, visors, sunglasses, flamingoes, flip flops, Hawaiian music, parrots, tropical drink cups, starfish, candles, colorful fish, beach balls.


Mardi Gras Theme: Masks, beads, hats, crowns, coins, purple stuffed animals.


Music Theme: Noisemakers, whistles, flutes, microphones, cymbals, maracas, clappers, musical instruments, inflatable instruments.


Nighttime Theme: Glow-in-the-dark jewelry and accessories, flashlights.


Patriotic Theme: Bracelets, flags, buttons, pinwheels, visors, balls, caps, fans, tote bags, t-shirts, stars.


Pirate Theme: Eye patches, bandannas, stuffed parrots, gold coins, swords, loot bags, treasure chests, candy jewelry, compasses, treasure maps, pirate hats, plastic hooks, flags.


Princess Theme: Tiaras, jewelry, butterflies, stuffed poodles, makeup, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, carry bags, wands, crowns.


Red & Wild Theme: Red hats, feathers, jewels, chocolates, pens, teddy bears, cards, bracelets, visors, boas, frames, bags, leis, bandannas.


Science Theme: Globes, pinwheels, putty, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, magic springs, magnets.


Sports Theme: Bouncy balls, beach balls, sports equipment, pompoms, whistles, paddleballs, catch games, jacks, marbles, flying discs, bowling, yo-yos, knitted kick balls, squeezeable balls, bat pens, gym bags, sports cups, inflated sports equipment, logo t-shirts.


Super Sized & Mini Theme: Giant dice, inflated objects, giant checkers, giant glasses, mini bowling, mini balls, mini toys.


Toy Theme: Spinning toys, yo-yos, puzzles, balls, blocks, games, cars, musical instruments.


Transportation Theme: Small cars, airplanes, gliders, boomerangs, train caps, racing caps, racing flags.


Favors That Fit Any Theme: Awards, trophies, ribbons, certificates, key chains, bookmarks, pencils, puzzles, games, flashlights, pens, stickers, stamps, magnets, and personalized favors, such as pencils, dog tags, cups, votives, photo frames, key chains, cups, t-shirts, hats, trophies.

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