Mix & Match Hunt Activity for Kids

Looking for a unique way to entertain kids? Try a mix and match hunt! This fun idea can be adapted to any party theme. Just use your imagination and let your child’s favorite toys be your guide!

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick a toy or novelty that you will use for the activity. You will need a variety of like items in different colors, designs or shapes. Kids will hunt for these items as the prizes for your game, so choose something they will be excited to find and keep. Rubber duckies, bouncing balls, magic springs,Magic Spring Assortment
kick balls, water guns, toy cars and glider planes are all good choices. Here’s a tip: A mega assortment gives you a large variety and you’ll have extras to put in party favor treat bags too.Kick Ball Assortment
2. Count out the number of items you’ll need to have one toy per child. On an index card or note card, draw a picture of each item. For example, if you’re having eight guests, pick eight different colors of kick balls and draw a picture of each one on a separate card.

3. Hide the toys in your party room, scatter them on your lawn or place them all together in a kid’s swimming pool. To make it even more challenging, add extra toys in the mix that won’t match any of the guests’ cards!

Novelty Toy Assortment
4. When it’s time to play, hand each child a card and explain that they are supposed to find the toy that matches the toy on their card. Say “go!” and watch the fun!

Try these variations to make this activity a fun learning experience, too:

• Use the cards to provide visual clues to the items instead of just drawing the item. For example, if the item is a princess-themed rubber duck, draw a tiara and a star wand on the card.

• Make the activity a relay by pairing kids together. Give each pair a set of cards they must find one at a time to complete their challenge.

• Make the activity a timed challenge and give each child multiple items to find.

• Adapt the activity for the classroom and tie it to a lesson theme. Pair students together to reinforce their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Don’t let the fun stop there! Planning a group activity is great, but there are lots of easy ways to add a smile to kids’ faces every day. For inspiration, read 12 Simple Ways to Make Every Day Fun.

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