Earth Day Bulletin Board

Celebrate Earth Day in your classroom with a fun, interactive bulletin board that can also be used to educate kids about being green. This design incorporates a recycling theme to demonstrate the opportunities for renewing resources. Read on to discover how we made our display, and get a few decorating alternatives to help you customize yours.

Earth Day Bulletin Board

How We Did It

We started with some green paper to create the “Earth” background and used a blue “wave” border. A cutout alphabet made it easy to spell out “Celebrate Our Earth!"

To complete the Earth Day theme, we decorated the bulletin board with self-adhesive foam Earth Day shapes. Designs include the recycle logo, a globe, trees, waves, mountains and hands. The set also includes the phrases “Happy Earth Day!”, “Save the Planet!” and “Celebrate Your World!”. As you add stickers to the bulletin board, talk to the children about preserving natural resources and how they can help recycle at home.

To incorporate each student’s special contribution, we used a handprint “Save The Earth” keepsake craft kit. Ours are decorated with adhesive shapes, but you can use paint to add each child’s handprints to their special design.

Make It Your Own

You can follow our method exactly or mix it up with these creative alternatives:

• For a more colorful border, add even more adhesive shapes around the edges. You can even have kids stamp their handprints or footprints onto the design. Use this activity to introduce the class to the concept of our carbon “footprints”.

• Have the students bring something from home to re-use in their craft kit design. Shoelaces, buttons, ribbons, shredded tissue paper or old puzzle pieces are all fun ways to demonstrate re-purposing objects instead of turning them into trash.

• Add more natural elements to your display. Try incorporating grasses, leaves, pinecones and seed pods. A nature walk is a great way to inspire the kids and gather your materials.

• Start a countdown until the date of this year’s Earth Day, and have a special celebration in your classroom when the day arrives.

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