3 Easy Steps for Personalized Charms

One charm. One word. One color. That is all it takes to make a really cute, personalized necklace for yourself or a loved one. Here’s what I mean. Find a charm that you love or one that represents a place or thing that you love. Find a charm with a word on it representing the person who will wear the necklace or a message for them. Finally, just add a little pop of color with a small bead.

Here are a few examples:
Adventure Charms

Charm – Camera (representing all the great places I would like to see)
Word – Live (challenging me to remember to go out on adventures)
Color – Green (my new favorite)





Cowboy Charms

Charm – Cowboy Hat (for my friend who is moving to Minnesota and leaving Texas behind)
Word – 2012 (marking the year she changed her life)
Color – Icy Blue (for the snow she will have this winter)




Fairy Dust Charm

Charm – Tiny Bottle (I’m filling it with glitter as a substitute for fairy dust)
Word – Dream (reminder for a friend who gets too wrapped up in work and everyday life and forgets to make wishes and follow her dreams)
Color – Pink (a little reminder to not grow up too fast or forget little girl dreams)



The ones I pulled together all can be put on one style of chain to make it even easier. I used one large jumpring for all beads and charms. It’s easy to make it a little more fancy by adding more jumprings or some pretty spacer beads. I’ve used this idea for gifts for my friends and they always are impressed by how easy it is to say so much with so little. Plus, they love how they are unique and were made just for them.