A Little Glue Goes a Long Way

Glue Dots Craft SuppliesWhen it comes to glue, no one likes to be caught in a sticky situation. You know the type. You squirt on the glue and it squishes out the sides causing your fingers to get sticky. Worse yet, your carefully constructed craft doesn’t look nearly as clean as you wanted it to.

Are there any alternatives? Well, glue sticks are easy to use, but they never seem to give you enough glue to work with or they dry too fast so your craft never has a chance to adhere. Tape works well, but keeping it hidden can often be a puzzle.

So what’s the best solution? Glue Dots®! If you haven’t heard of them, Glue Dots® are double-sided dots of adhesive that bond instantly making them quick, easy to use and, best of all, mess free. Glue Dots® stick to just about anything so they can be used for a variety of situations in the classroom, at home or even around the office. Here are just a few ways you might find yourself using Glue Dots®.

Paper, wood, plastic, foam and more, whatever the material, bringing your imagination to life will be quick, stress-free and fun.

Scratch the scotch tape and add them to the backs of borders, embellishments and photos to keep your pages fresh and crisp. Plus, they’re acid and lignin free so they won’t damage your pages over time.

Give your home a touch of your personal style by using Glue Dots® to add embellishments and ribbon to vases and picture frames.

Glue Dots AdhesivesCreating wedding favors
Make your event an unforgettable occasion for everyone by adhering your program to a wicker fan. Or wrap ribbon around photo coasters or small gift boxes to add a touch of color to your wedding favors.

If folding gets frustrating, these will help make the assembly process quick so you can get on with other tasks.

Hanging décor
Effortlessly hang up photos, party decorations, office signage or finally fix that always-crooked picture frame.

Home repairs
When things need a fix, there’s no need to fret. They’ll help you repair everything from trophies to fragile figurines to pool cues in a snap without the need for dangerous hot glue guns.

Professional presentations
From classrooms to boardrooms, Glue Dots® can be used to easily and quickly tack your materials to mounting boards and help keep your presentations clean.

Sealing envelopes
Adding a dot or two to each envelope is a great way to ease the stress of mass mailings.

If Glue Dots® have put you in the mood to get a little crafty, check out Design Your Own Crafts For All Ages for ideas on unleashing everyone’s imaginative spirit.