DIY Seasonal Decorations

If you love arts and crafts, the holidays present the perfect opportunity to put your creativity to good use. With some craft supplies, a few items lying around your home and lots of imagination, you can create festive decorations to celebrate your favorite holidays. Here are some great craft ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.


Spooktacular Pumpkins

Design Your Own Pumpkin SetYou don’t need to be a master sculptor to create spooktacular pumpkins for decorating your home.

Our Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kits are a great way to bring ordinary pumpkins to life. Mix and match the eyes and mouth, add some eyebrows and let your creativity guide you. Not enough fright for Halloween night? Add a few spider poke-ins and cover your pumpkin lightly in spiderwebs for a creepy crawly feel.

Tricks for Treats

Spider BucketsPeople may think twice before dipping their hand into a bucket crawling with felt fiends for a candy treat. This Felt Spider Bucket is playful and perfect for holding your favorite Halloween treats while posing as a bright and festive decoration piece for your home.

Frightfully simple to assemble, all you need are the right pieces, a glue gun and a little imagination. First, glue the wiggle eye brads to the felt spiders. Cut varying lengths of ribbon for your web, attach them to the spiders and glue them all to your bucket. Place them wherever your heart desires, and before you know it, you’ll have a Halloween pail almost to cute to use!

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Freaky Faces Placeholders

Freaky Face PlaceholdersIf you’re planning a frightful feast this Halloween then these playfully spooky Halloween Face Placeholders are a must-have for your dinner table.

All you’ll need are some colorful self-adhesive foam sheets to make your boxes, and wiggle eyes and markers to create your own spooky expressions. Place a nametag on each box and create your place settings. It will be a spooky supper to remember!

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Pumpkin & Gourd Thanksgiving Décor

Pumpkin & Gourd DécorCreating a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece or tabletop decoration couldn’t be easier! This clear paint bucket container is the perfect vessel for holding festive, yet elegant, fall pumpkins and gourds to expose a splash of fall colors and Thanksgiving themed décor to your home. Add Orange Razzle Dazzle Beads in and around the container along with beautiful Orange Berry Picks and in moments you’ll have a treasured Thanksgiving piece you can display for the holidays year after year.

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Thankfully Fall Wreath

Leaves for WreathWelcome friends and family into your home this Thanksgiving with a beautiful fall wreath. This simple yet stunning holiday craft is the perfect Thanksgiving decoration to bring autumn into your home.

Start with a wire wreath form, any size of your choosing and wrap it completely with floral tape. Then, bundle clusters of Decorative Fall Leaves by binding the stems with floral tape. Now, it’s time to arrange the leaves to the wire frame. Try changing direction half way through, or have the leaves face the same direction all the way around – choose the look that suits you. Lastly, secure the leaves to the wire frame with floral tape and you’re finished; a beautiful and timeless fall wreath that you can display proudly for years to come.

Autumn Leaves Candle Centerpiece

Autumn Leaves Candle CenterpiecesCandles instantly bring warmth and ambiance to any home. With a few simple additions to a traditional candle and vase décor, you’ll have the perfect Thanksgiving decoration piece.

First, find one, two or three beautiful glass vases that can hold your candles. Use Mod Podge to adhere decorative fall leaves to your chosen vases, overlapping the leaves to create a warm, layered look. Then add your candle or a battery-operated votive in each vase. At the end, you’ll have a soft and comforting addition to your Thanksgiving table. Also perfect for an end table and nightstand while you curl up with a good book.

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‘Tis the Wreath

Paper Cone WreathA Christmas Paper Cone Wreath will instantly get everyone in the holiday spirit this season. Pick festive paper of your choosing – nostalgic or traditional designs, solid holiday colors, or mix and match. Cut each piece of paper down to the desired size, roll them into cones and use a glue gun to seal them into place. Then, attach the cones to each other in a circular fashion to complete the piece. Place anywhere inside your home begging for a Christmas wreath to help celebrate the holidays.

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Deck the Door

Deck The Door OrnamentUnwrap your creativity for this festive project! This Decorated Christmas Ornament Door Hanger is a wonderfully "you" way to give your home some holiday cheer before you or your holiday guests even step foot in the door. It’s never been so easy to ornament your entrance with this easy, quick, and, most importantly, super fun craft!

Start with our Design Your Own Wood Jumbo Ornament and paint it white. Pick out your favorite Christmas-themed paper and designs, cut into desired strips and sizes and glue the strips to the ornaments in a pattern that suits your fancy. When you’re finished, cover it in Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer and it’s ready to welcome your guests at the front door!

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Santa’s Sweet Flower Bouquet

Candy Cane BouquetMake your holiday floral decorations as sweet as can be with this Candy Cane Flower Bouquet! Perfect for poinsettias or your choice of holiday flowers, this candy cane-lined bucket makes a delightful addition to your magical holiday décor.

Sweetly simple, you’ll just need a few items to make a bouquet decoration piece perfect for the Christmas dinner table or any place in the home in need of beautifully festive addition. Start with a clear bucket, carefully break candy canes to match the height of the bucket and glue them on. Wrap a beautiful shimmer ribbon around the candy canes and tie it in a bow. Finally, place the Red Poinsettia Bushes inside the bucket to finish the Christmas look!

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