The Gift Of Giving: 10 Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Stockings’Tis the season for giving! As great as receiving a gift is, you can’t deny there’s nothing that fills your heart with cheer more than witnessing bright smiles filling every face when handing them out. Family, friends, co-workers, carolers – no matter who shows up during the holidays, be prepared with something for everyone with this list of creative gift ideas. From party favors to simple neighborly greetings to something to set out for Santa, these holiday gifts are easy to create so you can spend more time enjoying the holiday festivities.

Tinsel Toes – Perfect for Mrs. Santa! Use ribbon to tie together nail polish (glittering silver is a good choice!) and a nail file. Or make it a full kit by adding more pedicure supplies in a small basket.

S’mores Stuffs – No one can resist the Siren’s song of a delicious, ooey-gooey S’more during the holidays! Fill a cute cellophane bag with a couple giant marshmallows, mini Hershey’s® bars and graham crackers. Then tie it off with a cheery piece of ribbon. Care to get really creative? Try this! Stack two marshmallows on top of each other using a bit of chocolate frosting to adhere. Next, pipe on eyes and a mouth to the top marshmallow. Then adhere the “snowman” to a graham cracker and add the Hershey’s® chocolate to the front and back to create the sleigh!

Snowman Poop/Reindeer Droppings – It may sound adorably atrocious, but everyone is sure to say it’s wonderfully delicious! Mix together cream cheese and crushed Oreo cookies in a large bowl. Roll them up into balls and dip them in melted Baker’s chocolate. Use white Baker’s chocolate for Snowman Poop and standard Baker’s chocolate for Reindeer Droppings. After letting them dry on wax paper, wrap them up in a fun Christmas gift bag.

Jarred Joy – Anything in a mason jar with a holiday ribbon around it is sure to be welcomed with smiles. Candy, mixed nuts, granola – whatever you want to package, give it away in a mason jar for a dash of old fashioned Christmas charm.

Melted Snowman – Oh no, Frosty! Looks like his loss is your gain. Package together marshmallows and hot cocoa mix together for an easy way to warm more than your guests’ Christmas spirit. Use scrapbook paper or simply your own computer to create a fun-filled poem or tag to go along with each favor.

Reindeer Noses – This is a cheap, yet enchanting gift for kids and adults! Fill a holiday bag with large chocolate malt balls. Don’t forget to add Rudolph’s nose by adding one red gumball or chocolate covered cherry!

Cookie Cutters – Christmas cookies are a tradition among many families, so why not add to their celebration with a cookie cutter from you? Fun for Christmas cookie parties or tied onto another gift, cookie cutters make a delightfully simple and inexpensive gift idea.

“We Wisk you a Merry Kissmas!” – Another fun idea for Christmas Cookie exchanges, or just for the guest that enjoys baking with chocolate, just fill a wire or silicone wisk with Hershey’s® Kisses® candies. Then just tie on a tag printed from your computer, or created by hand for the more craft crowd, that reads “We Wisk you a Merry Kissmas” or “(Your name) Wisks you a Merry Kissmas!”.

Ding Dongs® & Ho Hos® – Sure, these are just boxes of Hostess® snack cakes, but with the message “Ho Ho Ho from the Ding Dongs next door” you can transform these treats into a sweet gift for your neighbors! Wrap them in gift-wrap or tie them with ribbon for an extra dash of holiday cheer.
Personalizable Snowman Ornaments
Personalized Ornaments – Last, but not least, everyone is sure to appreciate a Christmas ornament. Even more so if they’re personalized! Find ones that coordinate with a hobby or pet they own or designs you can write their name in with permanent marker. Needless to say, these always make a great Secret Santa gift at the office!

See what we mean? You don’t have to break the bank for the perfect gift this holiday season. These playful gift ideas are perfect for the time-sensitive or budget-conscious Santa. If you’re looking for even more creative ideas for Christmas favors, search “Favor Ideas” at or follow us on Pinterest!