10 Ways Craft Kits Can Save You Money

Whether you're planning an activity for a child's birthday party, family night, or for your classroom, crowd-pleasing craft kits offer more fun-for-less! If you're already enjoying the convenience of Oriental Trading's easy-to-make, prepackaged craft kits for 1-12 kids, these money-saving ideas will show how you can also use craft kits to save on gifts, birthday parties and more.

1. Birthdays. Instead of always buying a gift for your child's friends, stock up on craft kits then separate into individual projects. Place each into a decorative gift bag. Kids will love getting a crafty gift and parents will appreciate your great gift idea!

Classroom 2

2. Classroom Activities. At the beginning of the year, bundle individual projects from different craft kits into boxes for students. Once a week, they can choose a craft from their box to make and take them home as gifts or use as a decoration in the classroom. You can package them by season, holiday or match a theme.

3. Theme Parties. If you're hosting a luau, pirate party or fiesta celebration, include kids' craft activities so they have as much fun as adults. Find a craft kit to match your party theme. Since they're packaged by the dozen, you can separate them out for each child but keep the whole group entertained. Encourage the kids to make at least one craft project they can take home as a party favor.

Jesus necklace

4. Sunday School. Get your hands on lots of different inspirational craft kits for your Sunday School class. Organize craft kits into individual projects for each child. Every week, kids can go through their bag of crafts and choose one to make. Include cross necklace crafts, photo frame projects, sun catchers and more!

5. Year-Round Gifts. Purchase a photo frame craft kit for your budding artist. They'll be thrilled to place their picture in all 12 projects and hand them out as gifts to grandparents, teachers, aunts and uncles.

6. Family Vacations. Gather themed craft kits for a family vacation. If you're in the minivan, kids have room to create crafts to stay busy on long car rides. When you get to your final destination, crafts make great downtime boredom busters. And after you're home, they can frame vacation pictures in photo frame craft kits. Just one kit gives you 12 projects!

7. Grandma's House. When the kids are at grandma's house, one craft kit provides 12 inexpensive activities they can make with grandma and grandpa, and they can give grandma and grandpa their finished crafts as keepsakes.

Camp 2

8. Summer Camp and Day Camp. Organize bundled craft kits for clever camp activities. If it's raining outside, crafts are the perfect way to keep kids focused and engaged. You can use them as decorations at camp or kids can take them home to mom and dad.

9. Family Reunions. While the grown-ups are catching up with distant relatives, kids can gather for a group craft activity. This is a great way for kids to get to know one another - even the shy kids will feel more comfortable working on an individual project.

10. Slumber Parties. If you’re hosting a sleepover for your kids, a craft kit can be fun for everyone. Kids love staying up late at slumber parties, and crafts are the perfect way to keep them busy and out of trouble!

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