Creative Craft Ideas for Your Stay-cation

You might not have a big vacation planned this summer, but you still want to spend some time with your kids and take a break from everyday life. “Stay-cations,” a fun new trend, are exactly what they sound like --taking a few days to relax, have fun and spend time together, all in the comfort of your home. It might be the thing for you this summer!

Stay-cations can be long, short, lazy, busy and everything in between, but we’ve found the best stay-cations for kids involve fun, new activities that spark their creativity. Here are a few ideas for stay-cation activities and some craft projects to go with them!

Doorknob Hangers

Home Sweet Hotel

To get in the vacation mood, turn the kids’ bedrooms into hotel rooms. Clean up any clutter, add a few extra pillows, and make the bed in fresh white linens. You might even consider bringing a TV into the room and creating a “Welcome” display with brochures of your hometown attractions. Remember, kids have big imaginations, so just a few changes to their rooms can make a big difference!

Have kids create their own “Do Not Disturb” doorknob hangers. Cut a hanger shape from foam or construction paper, and use self-adhesive foam letters, glitter, markers and other craft supplies to dress it up.

Sand Art Kits

Backyard Paradise

You don’t have to live in paradise to create one in your backyard! Set up one or several fun activities to give your stay-cation a resort-like feel. You can try:

  • A wading pool
  • Volleyball net
  • Trampoline (borrow a neighbor’s!)
  • Badminton game
  • Water slide
  • Croquet game

Crafts are a must-have for your backyard escape, so be sure to arrange a craft station on a picnic or patio table. Try craft kits in a tropical luau theme, or offer kids sand art kits.

Field Trips

For a great stay-cation activity, discover your hometown like a tourist! Log onto your local chamber of commerce website to discover the museums, zoos, parks, festivals and other attractions your community has to offer.

When you get home from your adventure, engage your kids even more with a themed craft. Did you visit the zoo? Try a jungle-themed craft activity. A visit to the planetarium calls for a space-themed craft, and you could try a dinosaur craft or homemade bug jar if you visit a natural history museum.

Photo Frame Magnets

Say Cheese!

Vacations aren’t vacations without plenty of pictures to remember the fun, and stay-cations are the same way. So snap away, and at the end of the week, your kids can make photo frame magnets to display their favorite snapshots.

Stay-cations are all about do-it-yourself fun, so think of your crafts as homemade souvenirs to remember your right-at-home getaway forever.

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