Design Your Own Crafts For All Ages

Design Your Own! VisorThere’s nothing like the satisfaction of bringing a hands-on project to life, but where do you go when you have an idea and don’t know where to start? That’s where design your own crafts come into play. These types of crafts feature countless “blank canvases” to kickoff your creative spirit.  From paper and fabric to wood, ceramic and more, you’ll easily find a medium that will successfully bring your ideas to life.

Now you might be thinking, “Crafts are for little kids.” But not so fast! “Crafts” refer to any project created by hand. So scrapbooking, beading, floral arranging, wood crafting, and even simple coloring are considered craft projects. Start thinking outside the box and you’ll find all sorts of ways crafts can be used – often incorporating materials you already have lying around. 

Decorated Takeout BoxesLet’s start with the obvious - kids love crafts. They love using their imaginations to create something handmade. But why create something they can only admire on the refrigerator or hang up in the classroom when you can give kids crafts they can actually play with after they’re done designing them! In the classroom, you can create a lesson plan around a specific craft your class can design and use to reinforce key points in your lesson. Leaving on a field trip? Have students create class shirts or hats so you can keep track of them easily and they can enjoy their shared identity.

Looking for a unique fundraiser or just a way to show your pride for your club or group? Try iron-ons! Iron-ons are, just as the name says, letters, numbers and designs that you simply iron onto shirts, bags, jackets or virtually any fabric item to give it a personal touch. Great for sports teams, family reunions, school clubs, wedding parties or baby showers, iron-ons are a simple, unique and, most of all, fun way to get your group noticed.

Design Your Own! PensWhat about fun at your office? You know what they say, “All work and no play…”. Crafts can be a great icebreaker or team building project. So at your next meeting or retreat, make team building less about “trust falls” and more about fun.

As you can see, crafts are an activity any age can enjoy at anytime and any place. So the next time you’re looking for fun ways to bring people together, let your creativity do all the work with design your own crafts!

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