Fun & Easy Paper Craft Projects for Kids

If television isn’t the creative outlet you want your kids plugged in to, all you need is some colorful construction paper, scissors and their imaginations. Paper craft projects are a budget-friendly way to keep kids entertained with creative play. Here are just a few ideas.

Garland/Paper Chains

This classic paper craft can be used for Christmas trees, wall decorations, or to drape from doorways and around poles.


Kids can make different hats for every holiday. You can also let them make hats for every member of the family and then you can all wear them during a family night activity or at dinnertime or for playing dress-up with their friends.



Masks are a great way for kids to use their imaginations and play make believe. Simply design your mask, then attach a piece of ribbon so the mask will stay on.


Have kids trace the shadow of their head on a piece of white construction paper. Then let the kids color and draw what they think they look like.


Kids can make I.O.U. certificates for free hugs and kisses and send them to grandparents or other family members who live far away.


Kids can create cards for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Or they can make birthday cards and invitations. Stock up on plenty of markers, crayons and embellishments so kids can add their own personal touch to each card.



Help kids cut out crowns they can wear on their birthday. Kids will enjoy being king or queen for a day.


Cut out traditional white snowflakes, or add in a little color with light blue and lavender snowflakes as well.


Kids can make mobiles as ceiling decorations for their bedroom or the classroom.


Paper Airplanes

Show kids how to fold their paper to create the perfect paper airplane. They can color their own decals then have a contest to see whose airplane will fly the farthest.


Encourage kids to record their thoughts in a homemade journal. Use a bright, fun color for the outside, and then fill it with white construction paper. Kids can draw pictures in their journals too.


Challenge your kids to read 5 books per month and let them make their own bookmarks for each book they read.

Tracing Activities

Have kids trace their hands on paper then cut them out and decorate them. Kids will love turning their small hands into turkeys, reindeer and funny faces.



Next time you have a family gathering, have kids create placemats for everyone by weaving different colors of construction paper for each setting.


Kids will love making coupons they can give as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays. Make coupons like, “Good for one free bedroom cleaning without complaining” or “Good for taking the trash out 3 times.”