Color Me Excited

Color My World Finished PageRed. No, pink. Or orange. Maybe purple? Choosing a favorite color is a difficult task for me. I love them all! So when I’m faced with choosing a color theme for an album, handmade cards or even a single scrapbook page, sometimes it’s a challenge. That’s why I love this project — you can incorporate them all! The Color My World finished page lets you show off your love of color and a favorite photo or two at the same time.
We used cardstock cut into blocks and labeled with each color’s name, then accented the blocks with a matching button to give the page some dimension. You could easily attach colored brads, a few favorite rub-ons or even crayon wrappers. Were you a peel-off-the-wrappers kind of kid? I know I was!
Finish the page by adding a color-inspired photo and an accompanying note. It’s a fun way to document your memories of coloring with the kids, redecorating a room, painting the house or even choosing the color for your very first brand new car (mine was Misty Moonlight Blue).
Until next time, have fun coloring your world! Check back next week when we’ll be talking tips & techniques for using text.
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