Organizational Fairy Tale

Hi Friends!

This is the last of my organizational blog series. We’ve organized, sorted, stacked, labeled and whipped our scrap supplies into shape to create a crafter’s fairy tale creative space. Let’s go out with a bang and take on ribbon, embellishments and stickers.

Ribbon, Ribbon the Wall

It’s no secret, I’m a ribbon enthusiast. After you’ve made an entire scrapbook with ribbon motifs, I think it’s safe to call yourself a fan. The best way I’ve found to house my massive ribbon collection is through a three-pronged attack, because generally speaking, there are three types of ribbon: on a spool, on a card and scraps.

For ribbons on spools, I highly recommend storing them on dowels. For those of us with wall space, a wall organizer is the way to go. Those of us with shelf space can pick up a few ribbon boxes. There are dowels included to keep the ribbon on the inside and they dispense nicely. I like to pin or tape the edges of my ribbon down to keep them looking nice and clean.

Ribbon Storage

Ribbon Storage

The best way I’ve found to store ribbons on cards is to single-hole punch the top of the card and grab a binder ring. This keeps everything together and they’re super easy to sort.

Of course for ribbon scraps, you need something you can see through. Anything from a repurposed glass jar to a plastic bag will work a-okay. I also like to clip all my scraps together using a binder clip with a magnetic back. I can stick all my scraps to a magnetic bulletin board and keep them in my line of sight.

Once Upon an Embellishment

Try any of these quick fixes to store brads, buttons, beads and embellishments:

  • Baby food jars/containers
  • Bottles with lids
  • Canning jars
  • Hardware storage drawers
  • Jewelry box
  • Make-up cases
  • Plastic organizers
  • Spice jars/rack
  • Tackle box

Off to Sticker-Sticker Land

Let’s face it, we’ve all got mountains of stickers to store. They are an inexpensive way to quickly add color and pizzazz, plus they are available in nearly any motif known to man (or crafter). I prefer to sort stickers into two categories:

  1. The out-of-this-world, just-had-to-have-them, super cute ones
  2. The rest of them that were on the sticker sheet I just bought

Sticker Portfolio

For the first group, anything from file folders to coupon organizers to accordion files will work wonderfully to store stickers, rub-ons and chipboard punch out sheets you plan to use for upcoming projects. As long as it’s acid-free and easy to store, you’re in business.

As for the rest of the stickers I just can’t part with, but am not currently using, a binder is the best answer. You can three-hole punch sticker sheets or sort them into clear plastic sheet protectors. Don’t forget the tabbed index dividers to label and quickly page through to find just the right sticker.

Keep on fighting the good fight against disorganization and you too can have a story book craft room!

Your friend,