A Salute to Amazing Moms Everywhere!

Pt959 mday bouquet

She sacrificed countless hours of beauty sleep, got stretch marks and endured episode after episode of Mr. Rogers…all for you. Not only did Mom give you life itself, she raised, fed and loved you. Since you've blossomed into a fabulous being, it seems only fitting that you treat her to some beautiful, handmade blooms for Mother's Day. Flowers on Mother’s Day? While the concept might not be original, these handcrafted blossoms are most definitely unique! (and they won’t aggravate her allergies).

This clever Mother's Day Bouquet is crafted with fresh, colorful paper, then accented with buttons and other embellishments to make this floral arrangement stand out from the rest - and last after everything else has wilted. While you're at it, scrap up a card for mom using our Home Cookin' or In The Garden paper kits that celebrate memories made in the kitchen and garden.

Now the hard part…what to say in the card? Just remember what mom always said, "If you can't say anything nice..." (of course we can always find something fabulous to say).

The thing I love most about my mom? She charges less than a therapist!