Fun Theme Ideas for Classroom Parties

Everyone loves a party! Classroom parties are a way to celebrate events and achievements, but they’re also great for keeping students motivated. Most classes have a Valentine’s Day party and a Halloween celebration, but there are lots of other fun party themes that are perfect for the classroom. Here are 7 ideas for parties you can have in your own classroom:

Monthly Birthday Party
Some classes celebrate each student’s birthday as they occur, but others choose to have a party once a month for all the birthday students and turn it into a bigger celebration. Ask the parent of each birthday child for that month to donate something for the party, like treats, birthday favors or birthday party decorations. You can even ask the other students to do the decorating for the birthday students! During this party you can spend some time playing group games such as Bingo, Hangman or Charades.

Dr. Seuss’™ Birthday Party

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’™ birthday, and many schools will have some sort of celebration. Have your own “reading party” by decorating with red & white balloons and streamers, eating popcorn and reading books. Your students can even make posters to hang in the school that encourage other students to read. 

Science Party
Turn science into a celebration! Set up simple experiments at several tables, use space-themed party decorations and cutouts. Serve drinks and snacks from test tubes or beakers. You can also add balloons, streamers and dry ice to create a mood.

Reward Party

When you catch students (or the entire class) being good or making good choices, issue points. Once you accumulate a predetermined number of points, throw a “Reward Party” for your students. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it just needs to be a fun break! Print some certificates, hang some balloons, hand out some small prizes or rewards and then enjoy.

Craft Party
Most students enjoy doing craft projects, so why not have a craft party! Take an hour or two one afternoon to let your students work on crafts for an upcoming season or holiday. Once they’re complete, they can be donated to a Senior Center for use as decorations or used to decorate your school. 

Groundhog Day Party
February 2nd marks the day the famed groundhog peeks out of his hole in Punxsutawney, PA, and predicts when spring will arrive. Get your class involved by having a party! Assign some students to report back on what the groundhog saw and others to help recreate the Punxsutawney event in your classroom.

Winter Luau
Who couldn’t use a luau in the middle of winter? Use some luau party decorations, play some luau music and hand out some leis. Spend the time playing some games, watching a movie or doing some sand art craft projects.


Don’t be afraid to ask parents to pitch in and donate supplies for a party. Parents are usually more than willing to help! Be sure to get your students involved in planning and running the parties – it will make them proud of their accomplishments. Lastly, remember to save party supplies that are in good shape to use for future parties.

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