5 Tips for Planning an Elementary School Graduation

The end of the school year is just around the corner and you know what that means – time to plan your elementary graduation! If you’ve never planned a graduation event for elementary school, you may be wondering where to start. Just use these tips as a starting point and you’ll soon be on your way to an elementary graduation extravaganza that gets an A+ with your students, and most of all, with your budget!

Will you have your graduation ceremony in your classroom? If the weather is nice, will you have it outside? Or maybe you’ll need the school gymnasium or assembly area. Before deciding, you’ll want to consider the ages of the children. If it will be a kindergarten graduation, it may be best to have it indoors where the children will be less tempted to wander off. No matter where you decide to have your graduation celebration, you’ll need to reserve the location. 

Grade school graduation decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, but since it’s for children, feel free to have fun! Create an aisle for the graduates to walk down, lined with stand-ups on each side. Tie bunches of balloons to chairs, hang up personalized banners, use streamers liberally, decorate the ceiling with dangling swirls – anything goes! 


Make sure each child is recognized for his hard work and for graduating to the next grade with a ribbon, trophy, medal or special “diploma” you create yourself. And remember – as you present each student with their award, parents will want to take a photo, so you may want to think about graduation robes, stoles and hats, too. 

Graduation Favors

What’s a graduation without favors? From pencils and plush bears to stickers and bookmarks, there are graduation favors that fit every budget and serve as fun keepsakes for the little grads. You can even have the kids do some graduation crafts such as photo frames, necklaces or sun catchers. 


If you want to serve snacks after your elementary graduation ceremony, keep it simple with items such as cupcakes, goody bags filled with candy, cookies, popcorn or personalized swirl pops. Be sure to put down table covers and use disposable graduation-themed tableware so clean up will be easy.

Make graduating from elementary school a special time for your little grads. Use these tips to plan a grade school graduation your students will always remember. 

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