Bugs & Butterflies Bulletin Board

Kids love bugs! Use their natural curiosity to spark an interest in learning with this fun and interactive bulletin board. It’s a great complement to a science lesson, a fun welcome for spring and summer, and it can even be used to talk about Earth Day. This design incorporates a matching theme to teach kids facts about the insects shown. Read on to discover how we made our display, and get a few decorating alternatives to help you.


Bugs & Butterflies Bulletin Board


How We Did It

We started with a green leaves wavy border to create the edging and left the background plain to let the natural cork show through. Sheets of green foam tucked in the bottom border made “grass” when cut into strips. A cutout alphabet made it easy to spell out “Learn the Buzz on Bugs”.

To create the interactive element, we decorated the board with a Just Buggy Foam Core Insect Set. Designs include a large 3-D butterfly, ladybug, bee, grasshopper and caterpillar (not shown). These bugs measure up to 24” when assembled, so they really stand out in your display. Fact cards were pinned to the board, along with strings that “point” to the insect they refer to. For example, the card reading “I am the only insect that produces food for humans” has a string that points to the bee. Kids will love using their brainpower to complete this exercise.

Make It Your Own

You can follow our method exactly or mix it up with these creative alternatives:

  • For a more colorful border, glue a few plastic bugs to the border paper.
  • Cover your bulletin board with a colored background. You can even let the kids draw bugs on the background paper before you hang it.
  • Include additional fact cards in small envelopes attached to the border. Let kids each choose a fact card and guess which of the insects it refers to.
  • As the strings are connected from the fact cards to the insects, encourage kids to make a buzzing sound for each guess they think is correct.
  • Treat kids to bug-shaped gummy candies as a special treat for playing along!

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