Fall Harvest Bulletin Board

Decorating your classroom for the autumn season is as easy as playing in the leaves with our Fall Harvest bulletin board idea! Read on to discover how we made our display and a few decorating alternatives if you’d like to get creative.

Fall Harvest Bulletin Board

How We Did It

We started with some green and light blue paper to create the field background. For the border, we used felt fall leaves and alternated the colors and shapes for a fun, freshly fallen look. Self-adhesive foam letters made it easy for us to spell out “Welcome to Ms. Wade’s Pumpkin Patch.”

To create the haystacks, we cut up a natural raffia table skirt (usually used for luaus and beach parties) and secured the bundles in the center with elastic ponytail holders.

The pumpkins made a fun and easy craft activity for our class. We handed out pumpkin-shaped foam frames, and each student decorated one with chenille stems, wiggle eyes, self-adhesive shapes and other craft embellishments.

Make It Your Own!

You can follow our method exactly or mix it up with these creative alternatives!

  • For a more textured background, try using green felt for the field. You can also use cotton balls to create clouds in the sky!
  • Make the border out of real leaves! Although they may look stunning for only a few days, they’re a favorite with students.
  • Instead of foam pumpkin frames, make your own pumpkins from mini paper plates painted orange or construction paper. For a fun, fall-inspired embellishment, students can arrange dried pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds in fun patterns and glue them to their pumpkins!

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