Old Man Winter Bulletin Board

Decorating your classroom for the chilly winter months is as easy as building a snowman with our Old Man Winter bulletin board idea! Read on to discover how we made our display (it’s “snow” easy!) and a few alternatives if you’d like to get creative.


How We Did It

To create a cheerfully chilly background, our light blue paper coordinated beautifully with a dark blue border trim. Pre-made cardboard letters made it easy to spell out “Hang onto your mittens” and “Old Man Winter is here!”

You’d never guess, but we actually used white spider webbing (the type normally used to decorate haunted houses at Halloween) to create the wispy, weather-blown snow, and we affixed it to the bulletin board with a spray adhesive. Next, we dotted the scene with big, colorful foam snowflakes and a flurry of glitter, again using the spray adhesive.

Old Man Winter was fun and easy to make. Black construction paper for the nose and mouth plus a couple of wiggle eyes made it easy to create a frosty expression. For the eyebrows and hair, we used bushy eyebrows (normally used for a Santa Claus costume) and a white, frizzy mad scientist wig.

For a quick and easy activity, our class decorated mittens from a foam magnet craft kit, wrote their names on them and added them to our display.

Make It Your Own!

You can follow our method exactly or mix it up with these creative alternatives:

  • Have students can make their own snowflakes. Take a square piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally, then in half again and finally into thirds. Trim the pointed ends on the base of the triangle. Next, cut fun shapes around the outside of the triangle, and unfold!
  • In place of the mitten magnet crafts, try real mittens or gloves! Have students bring their own old mittens to class or purchase inexpensive ones from a discount store. Decorate them with fabric paint, sequins, and other craft embellishments.
  • Old Man Winter not your thing? Use the spider webbing, wiggle eyes and construction paper to create a snowman instead! Use the cardboard letters to spell out “Winter days are snow much fun!” or “Third grade is snow much fun!”

Once Old Man Winter wears out his welcome, you can update your room with a bright, colorful Spring Bulletin Board.