Seasonal Bulletin Board Ideas

Nothing cheers up a classroom more than a big beautiful bulletin board! It’s easy to come up with a theme – just look out the window! Bring the four seasons indoors with these simple yet creative ideas and cover your waiting walls.

After you’ve tacked up the background, choose something that ties the seasons together and continues throughout the year, such as a tree, some kids, or a few well-chosen words using message magnets.


Spring Scene – When the snow has melted and the flowers start blooming, it’s time to change the tree. Have the kids make a variety of flowers, from kits, paper, foam, and other craft items. Then cover the tree and the ground with the colorful array. Add a few big bugs and butterflies for fun. Also, don’t forget a few words and phrases, such as “Flower,” “Bloom,” “Butterfly,” or “Spring.”

Easter – Add a big Easter Bunny, and have the students create their own eggs, and then fill the bulletin board with paper baskets.


Summer Scene – With the warm weather arriving, remove the flowers from the tree and let the kids replace them with bushy green leaves. Add a super-sized sun and a lake or ocean, then fill the water with colorful fish made by the students. Include words like “Hot,” “Sunny,” “Ocean,” or “Lake.”

School’s Out – On the last week of school, empty the school house and give the kids their images to take home.


Fall Scene – Begin the school year with a festive Fall bulletin board. First, “plant” a paper tree in the center of the bulletin board and fill it with paper or foam leaves in brilliant autumn colors. Add a cut-out boy and girl, and dress them in fall clothes. Finally, let the kids add words or phrases appropriate to the season, such as “Harvest,” “Scarecrow,” “Windy,” or “Pumpkin.”

Back-to-school – Add a large school house with pictures of all the children and a big “Welcome Back!”

Halloween – Include a giant pumpkin or scarecrow and let the kids personalize it with Jack O’Lanterns, ears of corn, or more colorful fall leaves.

Thanksgiving – Tack up a big turkey body and let the kids personalize it with home-made feathers cut from yellow, orange, brown, red, and green paper or foam.


Winter Scene – When the weather turns cold, it’s time to change the tree. Either remove all the leaves, or cover them with snow. Fill the scene with snowflakes, icicles, polar bears, and penguins. Let the kids make their own foam snow globes to line the walls. Bundle up the big kid cut-outs in their winter clothes. Let the students add words and phrases for the season, such as “Cold,” “Frosty,” “Snow,” or “Icicle.”

Gingerbread House – Hang up a giant Gingerbread House and have the students add their own personalized Gingerbread Kids that look just like them.

Christmas – Turn the room into the North Pole. Put up a big paper Christmas tree and let the students make paper or foam ornaments with their names on them. Or have them create their own unique wreaths to hang on the bulletin board.

Hanukkah – Add a mighty Menorah, and let the kids make their own Star of David decorations. Make paper Dreidels, play the Dreidel Game, then hang the Dreidels on the bulletin board.

Kwanzaa – Give your bulletin board an African look, using red, green, and black paper, and words representing the seven principles of Kwanzaa: “Unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.”

Valentine's DayCelebrate the sweetest day with a red background, and have the students make their own fancy valentines out of craft supplies, trim, jewels, and embellishments, to hang on the wall.