Lollipop Carnival Game


A great game for young children. Requires very little skill and everyone is a winner.

Usual Charge: 1 ticket for 25 ¢

Goal: Pull one lollipop from the tree

Blue stem = Large prize
Red stem = Medium prize
Green stem = Small prize
Unmarked stem = Consolation prize

From cardboard, construct a 4-sided box, each side 30" high and 20" wide. On each side of the box punch 10 rows of small holes, 5 holes in each row (50 holes per side). Stagger the holes so the box looks full when the suckers are added. Using a colored marker, mark the stems of each lollipop as follows: 10 stems blue, 30 stems red, 60 stems green and leave 100 stems unmarked.

Randomly place the lollipops in the slots of the box. The player receives the lollipop pulled and the prize that corresponds with the color of the stem. Refill the slots with a lollipop having the same color stem as pulled. Variation: Color 1 out of every 100 lollipops black and award a Jumbo prize when that color is pulled.