Creative Ideas For a Classroom Birthday Party

Share your student's special day with fellow classmates and make it a fun learning experience at the same time! Just choose a favorite children's theme and design the party around it.


Prince & Princess Theme

Host a magical prince or princess party and let the kids make their own royal tiaras and crowns, wands with streamers and costumes using crepe paper. Make paper bag princes and princesses using craft supplies. Serve cupcakes with decorated upside-down ice cream cones on top to serve as edible crowns.

Monkey Theme

Offer the kids monkey puppets, stuffed monkeys, inflatable monkeys or bendable monkeys. Put on a monkey puppet show while the kids enjoy banana chips and banana suckers. Let the kids make monkey bookmarks using monkey stickers. Play monkey bean bag toss and score points by throwing banana-shaped bean bags into game board holes. For a fun favor, give them monkey hats to take home.

Monster Theme

Give the kids monster masks and finger puppets and let them be little monsters. Serve monster suckers at snack time, and let them make their own monster cupcakes decorated with assorted candies.


Jungle Theme

Turn the classroom into a tropical island. Have the kids act like animals, using masks and hats. Put on a treasure hunt and hide gummy worms or novelty bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, frogs, and snakes. Serve cupcakes decorated with gummy worm candies.

Dinosaur Theme

Have a Dinosaur Dig and let the kids dig up dino eggs from the sandbox. Break open the eggs for a surprise inside. Give the kids dinosaur grabbers and have them try to pick up candies or small toys. Serve candy dinosaur eggs as a treat.

Pirate Theme

Decorate the rooms with sharks, pirate flags, treasure maps, and treasure chests filled with pirate loot. Pass out bandanas, eye patches, and pirate hats to wear. Let the kids apply tattoos and stickers. Have them walk the plank (balance beam) for a gold coin gum or candy reward on the other end.


Chocolate/Candy Theme

Give the kids candy necklaces and bracelets to wear. Make candy houses using assorted candies and frosting. Give them ice cream-shaped erasers, pencils and notepads to take home. For a special treat, fill ice cream cones with small candies.

Secret Agent/Spy Theme

Let the kids solve a mystery, using flashlights, compasses, magnifying glasses, pencils, notebooks, binoculars, and other spy stuff. Serve mystery cupcakes with surprises inside and decorate with clues.

Wizard/Witch Theme

Wave your magic wand and turn the students into witches and wizards. Let them decorate their own wands and then perform magic tricks for each other. Give them slimy stuff to explore. Offer gummy bugs and worms as treats.

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