The Ultimate Classroom Fall Festival Party Guide

Halloween Classroom

Make your school’s Fall festival fun with clever ideas to celebrate!


Add a festive flair to the room with scene-setting decorations. Jazz up bulletin boards with fall colors and decorations; add a fun border across the top of the chalkboard; hang construction cut-outs of pumpkins and black cats from the ceiling or use window chalk markers to decorate the windows, and don’t forget plenty of balloons!

Create theme stations in different areas of the classroom to provide kids with a variety of fun activities.

  • "Decorate Your Own Pumpkin" with miniature pumpkins that you can find at grocery stores or nurseries.
  • "Fall Ring Toss" with prizes for winners.
  • "Face Painting Station" where kids can get colorful leaves, spiders or other Halloween and fall inspired images.
  • "Guess How Many Pumpkin Seeds" Just fill a jar with the seeds and let students write down how many seeds they think are in the jar and the winner gets a prize.


Let students decorate their desks. Have a contest for the best decorated desk using crepe paper, cut outs and DYO craft kits.



Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt. Draw out a fun map of the school yard or your classroom and send students on an adventure to find treats and novelties. Incorporate classroom themes and curriculum into your clues. You can also have students decorate their own bags to gather their treats from the hunt.

Guess the Pumpkin’s Weight. Line up a row of pumpkins and have students write down on a piece of paper how much they think each pumpkin weighs. At the end, use scales to weigh them and incorporate a math lesson. The student who guessed the closest wins a prize!

Pumpkin Coin Toss. Carve out a large pumpkin, making a wide opening at the top. Divide the class into teams and give each team a set number of coins and have them stand at a distance from the pumpkin and try to toss the coins in, one at a time. The team who scores the most points wins a small piece of candy or a fun novelty prize!

Lesson Plan Reinforcements

Reading and Writing Skills. Place different types of pumpkins on a table in front of the classroom. You can even include some other types of gourds, like squash, and ask students to write down descriptor words that describe each one. Have students write a short story or poem about their favorite Halloween or fall memory.

Math. Measure pumpkins’ height, weight, and circumference.

Social Studies. Trace the Celtic origin of Halloween and the introduction of pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating into the modern version of the holiday.

Science. Bats aren’t so bad! Study all different types of bats and their importance to the environment, types of endangered species, food and living patterns, etc.


Caramel Apples. Pre-slice apples and let students dip them in caramel.

Sugar Cookies. Bring in plain sugar cookies and let students decorate them and take home to their families.

Edible Haunted House. Use a gingerbread mold to make the sides and let students decorate them with the colors of Halloween and then embellish them with gooey and gummy Halloween candy.

Green Slime. This easy recipe calls for only green gelatin. Mix in gummy worms for a fun surprise!

And if you want an alternative to sweets in your room, just replace candy prizes with fun novelty toys for rewards and incentives.

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