Easy Ways to Encourage Reading with Dr. Seuss

There’s a famous cat – yes, a cat in a hat – that kids can’t get enough of.  Dr. Seuss’™ The Cat in the Hat™ is a time-tested favorite with boys and girls alike, so why not use this favorite feline to encourage your students to read!

Encouragement and motivation both go a long way toward getting young minds excited about reading. Start by decorating your classroom with cutouts, bulletin boards and posters featuring popular Dr. Seuss™ characters such as the Cat in the Hat™. These colorful characters really resonate with kids.

If you’re working with children who are just learning to read, add some Dr. Seuss™ alphabet posters and sight word posters. These colorful teaching aids will keep kids’ attention and provide gentle reinforcement in those early stages of reading. You can also read a Dr. Seuss™ book together as a class or use a classic Dr. Seuss™ book to work on reading skills with individual students. Choose books with lots of repetition, which is characteristic of many Dr. Seuss™ books. The more early success children have with reading, the more likely they are to love reading later in life. 

Encourage experienced readers with Dr. Seuss™-themed window clings and banners. Give each student a reward chart and mark off each goal with Dr. Seuss™ stickers. In addition, set up a classroom goal chart.  Although individual reading goals are important, a group goal with a reward tends to get the whole class more actively involved in reaching the goal.

Remember to reward every reading achievement, from small to large and each one in between. Small achievements may earn a sticker, while larger achievements may deserve a bookmark and award. Decide what works for you and your class and go for it. You can find many Dr. Seuss™ rewards that are cost-effective as well as motivating.  

If all (or most) of the class reaches a predetermined reading goal, have a party to celebrate reading success. Ask parents to donate books for the classroom, have the principal read a story or have someone dress up like the Cat in the Hat™!  Have the kids color their own striped hats to wear during the party or during a special reading time.

Looking for more ways to incorporate Dr. Seuss™ into your classroom? Read our Dr. Seuss™ Lesson Plan to find out how!