Tips for Organizing your Classroom

Classroom organization saves valuable time and maximizes efficiency, so it’s key to set up your classroom space in an organized manner right from the start. These simple strategies will help you organize your room and keep it that way.

• Color code supply containers by subject or lesson plan theme. You can also print worksheets and assignments on different colored paper and store them in binders to help you find them more easily throughout the year. Math can be blue, Social Studies are green, Language Arts are yellow, etc. Or, place mailing labels on boxes and use colored markers to label them according to your color “key.”

• Use a mailbox system to gather and return homework to students. Students can put their assignments in the teacher’s mailbox and check their own mailboxes for returned assignments or messages from the teacher.

• Create a job board and have students rotate classroom duties every week. This will help students learn responsibility and teamwork while you’ll enjoy efficient use of class time.

• Store all of your bulletin board supplies in storage containers, or make your own giant envelopes by stapling together two large pieces of poster board. You can even punch a couple of holes at the top and string yarn through the holes to hang these in a classroom closet.

• If you’re struggling with limited storage for students, try using chair cover organizers for instant storage. You can even have each student personalize their own with fabric markers and other embellishments.

• Create storage cubbies for students by using crates and cable ties. Stack crates in a 3 x 3 formation, so smaller students can reach the top. These also make inexpensive bookcases and are easy to move since they’re so lightweight.

• Use plastic magazine holders to store your resources. Label them with the subject the resource book falls under. This will keep clutter off of your desk and shelves.

• Use empty plastic containers to store bulletin board decorations. Roll up your borders and other decorations, then glue a sample of the design on the outside of the container. Your decorations won’t get torn and will last longer.

• Use moveable storage containers with wheels to organize markers, crayons, scissors and other items that are hard to contain. Having all of these supplies on wheels makes it easy to move them around the room for arts and crafts.