Easter Activities for Sunday School

Looking for some engaging new ways to teach your students the Easter story? Try some of these hands-on activities to share the meaning of Easter and make learning fun for everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt

Fill some plastic Easter eggs with candy and small religious-themed toys and gifts. Hide them around the room – or the entire building – and then let the hunt begin! Today Easter eggs come in a variety of colors and themes, including religious, animals, sports, race cars, polka dots and more.

Easter Crafts
There are hundreds of Easter crafts you can choose from, and many of them focus on the religious aspect of the holiday. By using religious Easter crafts, you can teach a biblical principle that correlates to the craft while the children are putting it together.

Act It Out

Another way to teach the Easter story is by having your students act it out. This can be an elaborate play, with lots of costumes, rehearsal and planning, or a more impromptu show using only a few props. You can also do this using finger puppets or figures, whichever works best for you. 


Kids love being rewarded with stickers.  You can hand them out for good behavior and use them to decorate crafts or bulletin boards.  Older children may enjoy sticker scenes that recreate Bible parables.

Plant Flowers
Blooming flowers represent new life, so why not help the children plant flowers? Give each child a flowerpot to decorate with paints, markers, Easter-themed stickers or self-adhesive jewels and let the fun begin!

With a little imagination and a few tools, you can turn your Sunday School Easter lesson into a fun hands-on experience for everyone involved!

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