Up & Away VBS Activity Ideas

Want to make your Up & Away Vacation Bible School a soaring success? Be sure to plan some fun crafts and activities that keep kids engaged, build teamwork skills and remind kids of God’s love. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Use them as they are or customize them to fit your VBS.

Active Play

Get a group of children together for any length of time and you’ll soon discover how important it is to give them some active play time. Help them get the wiggles out with activities such as:

  • Bubbles

    Children love blowing bubbles or running around to catch or pop them. Blowing bubbles “Up & Away” will even tie in to your VBS theme!
  • Sidewalk Chalk
    Great for kids of all ages, sidewalk chalk lets kids use their hands and their imaginations. Try cutting out stencils of hot air balloons or airplanes the kids can trace around or have a group of kids make a rainbow.
  • Games
    As for games, anything goes! Have a paddleball competition, potato sack races or play a beanbag toss game. 
  • Treasure Hunt

    Have older children look for clues in designated areas. Make sure kids can easily identify each clue by adding an Up & Away sticker or other special mark. Have each clue lead to another clue, with the last clue directing the children to a reward, which can be a giveaway, celebration, craft or snack. 

Kids love to create things, so make crafts a part of your VBS. Try to have crafts that range from simple (for the little ones) to more complex (for the older children). Good suggestions are foam crafts (especially ones with self-adhesive pieces), sticker projects, beaded crafts such as crosses or key chains, and notebooks children can customize themselves with Up & Away-themed accents. After all, every kid loves a keepsake craft! You may also want to have a different craft for each day of VBS that ties-in to your Bible lesson for the day.

Group Activities

Want to combine a fun activity with a learning opportunity? Let the children take center stage by reenacting a Bible story using costumes and props! Don’t be afraid to modernize the story a bit (while keeping the basic Bible principle the same) and be creative with your presentation. 

You can also play a group game such as Bingo, color a mural or play Charades in small groups or large groups, too.

VBS Musical
Kids love to sing and it’s easy for them to learn through music. Teach them some inspirational songs and then help them put on an informal performance for their parents at the end of VBS week. Decorate the stage with Up & Away standups and accessories such as hot air balloons, clouds, airplanes, sunshine and rainbows to create a magical background as children lift their voices to the Lord. 

No matter what VBS activities you choose, remember to consider the ages and abilities of all of the children. All of your activities should encourage participation so that everyone learns and everyone feels God’s love.

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