6 Prayer Activities for Vacation Bible School

  1. Prayer in my pocket. This simple method is easy for kids of all ages. Prayer cards are an excellent way to reinforce that God is always with them, and they are fun to make too. Or, the kids can write something they want to pray for on a piece of paper to carry in their pocket all day as a reminder. Another suggestion is to hand out small remind-me-to-pray trinkets that can be used over and over again, like pocket crosses or inspirational stones. No pockets, no worries! Inspirational bracelets work well too!
  2. Prayer and the pretzel. Explain the meaning of the pretzel and how it represents praying hands. As a project, make chocolate covered pretzels and have the kids decorate them. Using a crock pot to melt the chocolate is a safe and easy way to incorporate this activity in the classroom. Have kids take a small batch of decorated pretzels home in inspirational cellophane bags so they can share the meaning of the pretzel with the rest of the family. Younger kids can create “pretzels” out of modeling clay and decorate their pretzels with paint, glitter or plastic jewels. Tie ribbons on the pretzels so the children have a take-home keepsake ornament.
  3. Prayer boxes. Teaching children to give their worries to God is an inspirational lesson in trust and faith. Have the children make prayer boxes. Explain they can write their prayers, worries or names of people they want to pray for on little pieces of paper to put in their prayer boxes.
  4. God listens. Explain God can hear our prayers wherever we are and whatever we are doing. For a fun group project, have each child draw a favorite place they like to pray on a large banner. If the kids need some ideas to get started, remind them of the many places they pray like church, the dinner table or walking to school. Display the banner with the words “God Hears Our Prayers” on top.
  5. Jesus loves me. Here’s a fun activity to teach kids Jesus loves them. Make VBS Love Bugs out of styrofoam cups and chenille stems. Let kids decorate the cups in their favorite bug designs. Have small hearts with the words “Jesus Loves Me” written on them so the kids can add them their design. Another option is to string several cups together to make “creatures” to demonstrate the lesson that God loves all creatures big and small.
  6. Write God a Thank You Note! Teach children to be thankful with this fun version of the popular game Duck Duck Goose. Have the kids write something they would like to thank God for on a piece of paper and drop it in a hat or jar. Have the kids all sit in a circle. Place the hat in the middle of the circle. Have one of the kids start by going around the circle saying “Thank” “Thank” “Thank” when they say “You” that person who was tapped last will chase the other child back to the empty spot. The first person back to the empty spot gets to pick a thank you note from the jar and read it to the rest of the class. Repeat this until all Thank You notes have been read. Afterwards discuss all the many things we have to be thankful for.
  7. Speaking of saying thank-you, have you thanked your VBS volunteers lately? For inspiration, read 10 Ways to Thank Volunteers.