V.B.S. Carnival Kick Off Event

Kick off your V.B.S. program with a carnival for neighborhood kids and parents!  In addition to inviting everyone who has already registered, consider including families from participating churches, or getting the community involved.  Here are some fun ideas to make your kick off event a success.

Carnivalguy 1. Get the word out that if you bring a friend, both of you will receive 5 extra carnival tickets.

2. Invite local EMT’s, firefighters or the sheriff’s department, set up a booth, and have them lead small discussions about safety and show kids their emergency vehicles.

3. Invite the local cheerleading squad to come and teach a cheer.  You can even make up a cheer that’s related to your V.B.S. program that the cheerleaders can teach the kids.

4. Set up a memory booth with various verses from the Bible written on poster board.  Encourage kids to memorize the verses for prizes.

5. Find a picture of a cheerleader and football player from the internet or a coloring book.  Enlarge the picture with an overhead projector, trace then paint the bodies on large foam core board.  Cut out the faces and redeem carnival tickets for digital pictures of kids with their faces in the cutouts.

6. Set up a food booth featuring carnival foods such as hot dogs, popcorn, pizza and soda pop.  Charge $1 for each to earn a little extra money for your V.B.S. program.

7. Set up a karaoke booth and charge carnival tickets for a chance to sing a song.  Pre-selecting songs that the karaoke D.J. offers is a good idea.

8. Use your kick off carnival to support a charity.  Offer discounted tickets at the door if people bring either canned goods for your local food bank or used clothing for the local homeless shelter.

9. Organizing a cakewalk is a great way to get everyone involved.  Plant a spinning arrow in the ground then have everyone walk in a circle around the arrow while music is playing.  When the music stops, spin the arrow and whoever the arrow lands on will win a pastry or a prize.

10. Set up a hayrack ride for kids and their parents and a great way for parents.  This is a great way for families to get to know one another.

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