VBS Graduation Tips And Printable Certificate

Child-Sized Graduation MortarboardsYour Vacation Bible School has been an unforgettable experience.  Now end the week with a graduation that’s just as special! Use these tips and printable graduation certificate to get you started. 

Planning 1, 2, 3
1.    Start by including graduation information in your registration packet. This way parents can plan ahead and invite friends and family, too.
2.    Make sure to send a reminder home during your VBS week.
3.    Get kids involved with making decorations, nametags and a portfolio of their work or even a small gift for their parents.
Remember to incorporate your theme into different aspects of your graduation celebration.

Graduation Day
Try a few fun ideas to involve kids and make your graduation ceremony extra special:

•    Have a sing-along! Along with your favorite inspirational and worship songs, have the kids perform themed songs they’ve learned during the week. Parents love seeing kids sing solos, too.

•    Put on a skit! Put together a faith-based story for kids to act out for parents. Incorporate your theme with Bible stories and life lessons to create a short play.

•    Make an art wall! Display kids’ artwork along with photos from the week.

•    Have students dress up in child-sized caps and gowns to really make them feel special.

•    Award VBS completion certificates, ribbons, trophies or other mementos that students can keep to remember their faith-filled week.

•    Present certificates along with a goody bag or an inspirational novelty toy or candy.

Ready to plan your graduation? Download and print our free Graduation Certificate: Standard, Panda And Friends or New York City. After graduation, show your gratitude with 10 Easy Ways to Thank Volunteers.