Fun Activities for your Mighty Kingdom VBS

Want to turn your “Mighty Kingdom” Vacation Bible School into an adventure the kids will never forget? Start with some fun crafts and activities! Here are a few ideas to get you started on planning your own "Mighty Kingdom" VBS activities.

First, set up different stations and decorate them with a travel or adventure theme. Try creating a large map of your VBS kingdom to display on a wall or easel that shows where each VBS station (or activity) will be located.

Active Play
Active play is especially important for younger children, since it’s difficult for them to sit still for any length of time. Help them get the wiggles out with activities like these:

  • Bubbles

    They’re fun for blowing and fun for catching!  Tell the children they are sending the bubbles on an adventure or use them to kick-off another activity.
  • Obstacle Course

    Set up a simple “Obstacle Kingdom” for kids to burn off some energy. Perhaps they are working their way through an imaginary forest or scaling pretend castle walls on their way to the safety of God’s love. The obstacle course can be set up using items you already have, such as hula hoops, plastic traffic cones, jump ropes – whatever you have handy. Just use your imagination!
  • Chalk

    Use chalk and a chalkboard or go outside with sidewalk chalk and challenge children to draw knights, kings, queens, castles or Bible heroes. Encourage freehand drawing or use some fun stencils.
  • Follow the Leader

    Have the children mimic the leader as he pretends to be riding a horse through a forest and over a river toward God's castle. Have the children take turns being the leader every few minutes.
  • Parachute Games

    There are dozens of games you can play with a parachute and some balls or bean bags, plus you can use the parachute indoors or out!

What’s VBS without a craft…or five? Crafts are a big part of VBS, and with good reason – kids love them! Since you’ll have a wide age range of kids, be sure to choose VBS crafts at a variety of skill levels. Younger children will enjoy foam crafts, coloring and using stampers, while older children may enjoy a beading or weaving craft.

If you’re focusing on a different Bible verse each day, choose crafts that support each day’s verse. "Mighty KIngdom” themed crafts and craft-a-day kits easily support this goal. Remember, kids love to make crafts they can take home to show their parents each day.

Group Activities

It’s also important for children to feel like part of a group at VBS. Create group activities that get everyone involved and interacting with each other. Try these ideas to get you started:

  • Reenact a Bible Story

    This can be done as a play, complete with costumes and props or as a puppet show. You can even do it as a large group or several smaller groups. 
  • Singing

    Kids love singing songs of all kinds, and younger kids especially like songs with hand motions or dancing.
  • Games 

    Group games such as Charades, Simon Says, Hot Potato and Red Light, Green Light are great for groups of many sizes.

No matter what activities and crafts you choose, remember to keep the ages and abilities of the children in mind. What works for one group may not work for another group. Encourage participation and teamwork to make it a mighty fun adventure for everyone involved.

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