VBS New York City Crafts And Activities

VBS New York City Cab Photo Frame Magnet Craft KitWhether you’re in a small town or a big city, your Vacation Bible School can feel like a metropolis with some special New York-themed crafts and activities. Try these fun ideas to fill your classroom with learning and excitement!

Sign of the Times
Making nametags is a great way to get to know each other on the first day of VBS. Have cardboard pieces or sticker sheets pre-cut in traffic sign shapes for kids to decorate. Stop signs, yield signs, caution signs, traffic cones and street signs are a great place to start. You can also be creative and make nametags on necklaces with charms and beads in bright colors. Let kids be creative and make their signs unique. After everyone is done they can introduce themselves to the group or you can call on each student to share their designs. Now you’re on the road to VBS fun!

Explore the Big City
Think New York City and you’re likely to picture Times Square, a towering skyline, Central Park and bustling streets filled with taxicabs. Recreate this exciting look in your classroom with some imagination and a few craft supplies. Ask students to bring in shoeboxes, cereal boxes and empty food canisters. Divide the class into teams and have them work on different parts of the city. Cover boxes with construction paper, paint on windows, cut out billboards, glue on felt trees, create streets with rolls of duct tape and more. Let kids be creative and add toy cars to the streets and toy figures to sidewalks. Use this activity to discuss differences and similarities between New York City and your hometown. Ask students how they think their lives differ from kids in New York and use these opportunities to integrate Bible lessons into your discussion.

Continue learning by going on an imaginary visit to the Big Apple. Everyone can take part — they just need to pack their imaginations! Make pretend airline tickets, serve snacks, then take a “taxi” ride to arrive at your destination using a decorated cardboard box. Kids will love playing the role of the taxi driver in a “cab” they’ve created. Use a map, postcards and tour brochures to create vivid trips to see the sights. For even more fun, decorate several cabs to recreate the crowded city streets of New York.

Capture the Memories
No trip is complete without snapshots to remember the fun. Using a digital camera or instant camera is a great way to have your pictures ready within a day of your activities. Kids will love decorating photo frame craft kits to hold their pictures. Add photos to a bulletin board display then give them to kids to take home as keepsakes on the last day of VBS. You can even create mini scrapbooks or journals as a way to document the lessons they’ve learned throughout their journey.

When VBS is over, be sure your volunteers know how much they’re appreciated. Read the VBS Volunteer Guide for creative ideas!