Stage The Perfect Panda VBS

Child holding Color Your Own! Panda Fuzzy PosterHelp your students bring the fun of the forest alive with a panda-inspired theme to set the stage for this year’s Vacation Bible School. From decorations and accessories to lighting, music and activities, choose just the right elements to welcome your students to a fun-filled event!

To decorate your VBS room, set the scene with the perfect backdrop. A bamboo or tropical scene setter is a simple and inexpensive way to cover your walls and create a fun mood in an instant. Dress up the look with leaves, bamboo poles, artificial plants and flowers or even a leaf-covered canopy. You can accessorize the look with plush jungle animals and a giant panda stand-up. Kids will love taking photos with the panda cutout for a great VBS memory.

A CD of traditional Chinese music along with the sounds of a running waterfall, tropical birds and other rainforest animals will get kids thinking about all things panda. Make the mood extra fun with colored lights placed among your decorations. Yellow and blue lights overhead can mimic the look of sunlight peeking through tall trees, while green lights placed near artificial trees will help make your decorations really stand out. Hang paper lanterns along with a string of white lights for another fun way to light your room while sticking to a budget.

You can also choose to get your VBS students involved in the fun and have them help decorate the room. For a great first day activity, have kids color cutouts of tropical flowers, parrots, coy fish, butterflies and tree frogs. Have students share their creations with the class as they introduce themselves and hang each picture on a wall covered with a scene setter or green bulletin board paper. Make sure a giant panda is at the center of the display!

The giant panda’s black and white colors can be another fun decorating inspiration. Deck out your room in a black and white theme complete with giant “spots” on the floor that are actually cut carpet remnants. Plan ahead by asking your students to wear all white or all black clothes so they match the theme. Hang coordinating balloons, streamers and lanterns and affix pawprint cutouts to the floor and even up the walls to show kids that panda fun is everywhere!

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