Bring Your Wild West VBS to Life

Cardboard Western Stand-UpsMake Vacation Bible School better than ever this year with a rootin’ tootin’ Western theme! We’ll help you turn your church and classrooms into a Western ranch quicker than you can say, “Giddy up!”

Set the Scene
Use sand-colored paper as the backdrop for your Wild West scene. Set bales of hay wrapped in faux barbwire cording to make all the lil’ buckaroos feel like they just rode up to the homestead. Don’t forget old barrels and wagon wheels!

Once you’ve set the background, add all the little details to finish out your Western scene. Spread out rubber snakes, inflatable or cutout cacti and rope lassos. Use old wood planks along with red and white paint to create a barn door. Finish the look by hanging Western cutouts of everything from cowgirls to horseshoes.

Create a Western-style banner by folding bandannas diagonally in half and tying the ends together. Hang them above doorways, along windows and walls–even on the back of church pews. Kids can always take them down to wear too.

Add Special Touches
Scatter cowboy hats and badges on tables as centerpieces. Disperse any extra cowboy hats in classrooms and be sure every lil’ cowpoke will have one to wear. Finally, hang a Western Banner to announce your VBS event.  Personalize it with your church name, year and VBS theme!

Get the Lil’ Cowpokes Involved
Get kids in on the decorating by creating “Wanted by God” posters. Leave the spot in the middle of the poster blank to let the kids draw themselves in. If you have a printer and camera available, take snapshots of each child and add in real photography. Hang them throughout classrooms, in hallways and in the sanctuary. Not only will they serve as decorations, but also as daily remembers of what being a person of faith is all about.

Create some splatter art by giving each little wrangler a squirt gun filled with washable watercolor paint. Set out pieces of poster board or even old bed sheets. Engage in a creativity shoot out and make beautiful art to hang around the VBS ranch.

Go all out for your Wild West VBS theme!  Read on for more Western theme ideas