What to Wear? 5 Tips for VBS Volunteers

You’ve been planning your VBS and it’s coming together nicely. You’ve nailed down the timeline, chosen a VBS theme and decided on decorations. You and your VBS volunteers are putting the finishing touches on activities and selecting snacks. What could possibly be left to do? How about dressing your VBS leaders!

While it’s not essential to outfit your VBS leaders, it is helpful for them to have some sort of visual designation the children can easily identify. Take a look at these ideas to see what might work for you:


T-shirts are a quick and easy way to give all of your VBS leaders a unified look. You can have themed t-shirts made, or better yet, make your own! Choose plain t-shirts and then use iron-on images that coordinate with your VBS theme. You can also use iron-on letters to add the word “Volunteer” to the shirts.

Name Tags
The kids at your VBS will be wearing name tags, so have your VBS leaders wear name tags, too. You can use simple white name tag stickers, VBS-themed name tags, buttons or badge holders on lanyards. No matter what kind of name tags you choose, be sure the kids will be able to read them.


Give your VBS leaders a fun look by having them wear matching hats. Cowboy hats, baseball caps, visors, adventure hats – there’s no shortage of hats to choose from that will coordinate with your theme and help children identify VBS leaders.


Much like t-shirts, wearing matching vests can help give VBS volunteers a unified look. If you’d like your vests to match your VBS theme, it’s easy to add buttons, stickers and other accessories to achieve the look you want.


Planning an Awesome Adventure VBS? Have your volunteers dress like tour guides or adventurers, complete with adventure or aviator hats, flight goggles, scarves and pilot gloves. If you’ll be using the Up & Away VBS theme, volunteers can dress like pilots also or take it to the next level and have them dress like superheroes!

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