10 Simple Ways to Thank Teachers

An apple for the teacher? You can do better than that! Whether you’re a student, parent, or an administrator, chances are there’s a teacher (or several) who you’d like to thank. Here are 10 easy ways to put a new spin on the “old school” tradition of letting teachers know they’re appreciated.

1.Take Note
Let teachers know their efforts are appreciated by writing poems, letters or thank-you notes. This idea is twice as nice if the notes are written by both students and their parents.

2. Teacher Appreciation “Over Easy”
Have parents and administrators don aprons and spatulas to serve breakfast to all of the teachers. Or cater in coffee and pastries and have breakfast waiting when they arrive.

3. Class Photo
Have parents take the kids outside for a photo shoot. Line up the “student body” and have each child hold up a “Thank You” sign. Frame it and wrap it up for a picture-perfect gift.

4. Grant Their Wishes
Fulfill a teacher’s classroom supply wish list. Teachers often reach into their own pockets for teaching supplies, so this is a great way to say thanks!

5. Hand-Crafted
Help younger kids make their own teacher appreciation gifts with simple craft kits.

6. The Great Escape
Give the teachers’ lounge a makeover! Replace old furniture, give the walls a new coat of paint, substitute lamps for florescent lighting, and bring in some plants.

7. Help Wanted
Give the gift of your time by volunteering to lend a hand in the classroom. You can help with craft time, read stories and find other opportunities to help a teacher.

 9. A Charming Idea
Have students bead their own charm bracelet or necklace for their teacher. Each student will be thrilled to add their own charms or beads.

10. Buy the Book
Ask each teacher what his or her favorite childhood book is and donate a new copy to the school library. Include a bookplate with the teacher’s name as a special dedication.


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