Escape to Paradise: 10 Easy Luau Party Ideas

Luau Party FoodOnce that tropical bug bites island fever is hard to shake. Fun in the sun, sunset ocean views, tropical drinks – it’s like a totally different world. A totally better world. Dare we say, paradise? But no. You’re stuck with the rest of us. Locked in our bland day-to-day routines with no hope of escape. Well, you know what? Forget that noise. We're bustin’ outta here and you’re coming with us. And we’re not heading for the hills, oh no. We’re heading for high tide.

To lead you there we're going to let you in on 10 crazy simple ideas for creating a luau so legendary the great King Kamehameha will pass you his crown. The best part is that you can do these anywhere. Your backyard? Done. An office boardroom? More like a surfboard room. Elementary school? It’s elementary. These tips will put the sand between your toes no matter where you are. Think of these as your 10 tickets to paradise. But enough talk. More hula!

Palm Tree Cooler• Flanking your entrance with inflatable palm trees or inflatable palm tree coolers is the first step to making your luau one for the history books. Take it a step further by lining the walk up to your entrance with tiki-head candles or tiki torches. Bonus – it will help keep the bugs away!

• Luaus may be casual, but the tiki gods demand a dress code! On your invitation, add a note for guests to arrive wearing colorful and tropical clothes. The brighter the better!

Luau Party Leis• But if you have a few party poopers that won’t dress up, you can at least encourage them to detail their street clothes by putting a pile of leis on a table inside the front entrance. Trust us. No one can resist wearing one of these floral luau favors.

• Why stop there? For a fun, yet frugal, fashion-statement, purchase an array of inexpensive flip-flops in all colors and sizes. You can even hot glue a faux tropical flower to each one.

Luau Party Idea Hula• Now let your guests show off their fancy, new footwear by holding basic hula lessons. The kâholo is the core step and easy for kids and adults to learn. This is a great way to get your luau moving and shaking.

• Going outside? Explore the idea of a pop-up canopy or large beach umbrella to cover your table from any tropical showers. Either decoration will help make your party feel extra beachy!

• If the weather refuses to cooperate, bring outdoor furniture indoors to continue enjoying that outdoor vibe. Wicker or plastic woven furniture works especially well to achieve that relaxed and calming beachside aesthetic.

• Spread out the furniture to create different stations for your luau food, drinks and desserts. This is a simple way to invite guests to wander the party and mingle with others without directly telling them to.

Luau Gummy Fish• Speaking of food, serve up big island presentation with a big Hawaiian buffet. This way you get the chance to dress up your luau menu with all sorts of garnishes including a grass tableskirt, seashells, large banana leaves, pineapple slices – you know, all the true luau essentials.

• And, finally, what would an island be without fish? And no, I’m not talking about serving seafood. Just freeze gummy fish inside ice cubes using ice cube trays for adorable additions to any tropical drink. Kids especially will love it. And never, ever forget the tiny drink umbrellas.

Sand, surf and sun, here we come! Start your party plans right here with all the luau party supplies you need, even party music CDs.