Crafty Kids Birthday Party

Written By Penny Warner.

For a cool and creative birthday party theme, host a Crafty Kids Party! It's a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to celebrate the Birthday Honoree while engaging the guests in creative hands-on activities. Simply provide a variety of art materials and inspired craft kits, set up some easels and tables, and let the budding artists put their imaginative energy to work. Everything from the invitations to the party favors are sure to be priceless!

Birthday Party Invitations

Write the party details on white paper using an invisible pen (Black Light Pen Combo) or white crayon. Place the invitation in an envelope along with a colorful marker or companion pen, and include a note directing the guests to "Color the paper with the enclosed pen for a fun surprise!" The details will magically appear!

Ask guests to bring a plain white T-shirt they will decorate as a craft activity (or you can provide them).

Birthday Party Decorations

Set up easels and craft tables. Cover the tables with colorful plastic tablecloths, then set out a variety of arts and crafts supplies, such as paints, crayons, markers, clay, stencils, glitter, glitter pens, neon pens, glow in the dark pens, fabric pens, stamps, beads, charms, ribbon, glue, tape, scissors and construction paper.

Cut out frames from construction paper or buy frame kits, and tape the frames to the walls. Insert the artists' works after they've completed creating their masterpieces. For a festive display, add multi-colored balloons, crepe paper streamers, and a sign that reads: "Gallery Grand Opening!"

Provide old shirts for the guests to wear during the party. Turn the shirts into "Painter's Smocks" by adding color splashes, using acrylic paints, permanent markers, or fabric paints. Give the kids necklace pens to wear over their smocks.

Games & Activities

Photo Frames. Give the guests frame-making kits or provide large craft sticks. Have kids make  their own frames, decorating them with pom poms, jewels, glitter, ribbons, and so on. Then take Polaroid or digital pictures of each guest to insert into the frames. Send the photo frames home as favors.

Personalized T-Shirts. Have the kids decorate the white T-shirts using fabric paints, permanent markers, and fabric jewels. Allow the shirts to dry, then have the guests pose for pictures or model their new creations. You can also do this with hats, aprons, and tote-bags.

Make-Your-Own Birthday Cards. Give the artists colorful paper, pens, and decorations, and let them create personalized birthday cards to give to the guest of honor.

Craft Centers. Set up different crafts at a number of tables, then let the guests do whatever they like with the materials provided. Stations might include a Jewelry Store, Shoelace Center, Bookmark Spot, Puppet Place, or Refrigerator Magnet Mall. Frame or display the finished products and give everyone an award, such as "Most Creative!" "Funniest!" "Best Use of Materials!" "Most Colorful!” and “Strangest!"


Bake cupcakes and let the guests decorate their own, using tinted frosting and colorful sweets, such as Skittles®, Sixlets®, Smarties®, candy bracelets, candy beads and candy assortments.

Birthday Favors

Send home mini craft kits so the guests can be creative at home. To create the kids, buy some  small paint buckets, write the names of the kids on the buckets with puffy paints, and fill the buckets with glue sticks, scissors, tape, markers, paints, brushes, and other craft items.

Thank Yous

Have the guest of honor mail home-crafted cards to the guests, and include additional snapshots from the party for their photo frames.

Helpful Hint

Half the fun of a Crafty Kids Party is making a mess. To minimize clean up, cover the floor and tables with plastic tablecloths, cover the kids clothes in smocks, and have lots of paper towels, disposable wet wipes, and washcloths handy.