Princess Birthday Party Planning Guide

Treat the birthday girl like royalty at a Princess Birthday Party! For added fun, make it a slumber party and create a night in a fantasy castle.


Princess invitations

  • Invite guests using purse-shaped invitations with details inside, and include costume or candy jewelry, lip-gloss, or hair ribbons.
  • Send invitations featuring Cinderella™, Belle™, Ariel™, Snow White™, Jasmine™, or other princesses.
  • Buy gold glitter crowns and write the party details on the inside, then fold and mail to guests.
  • Use a silver or gold ink pen and write: "The King and Queen of (Last name) request your presence at Princess (Name's) Royal Birthday, Castle (Address)."

What To Wear

Princess tiara

  • Ask the little princesses to wear their best "ball gowns and jewels."
  • Fill a dress-up box with princess costumes and accessories such as tulle skirts, tutus, high-heeled shoes, gold crowns, jeweled tiaras, rhinestone or charm bracelets, maribou boas, costume and candy jewelry, rings, hair accessories, such as butterfly clips, fancy sunglasses; and star wands, pinwheels, or light sticks. If there are boys at the party, include prince costume accessories such as capes, swords, crowns, etc.


Princess party decorations

  • Turn the party room into a castle. Roll out a red carpet to greet the guests as they arrive. Hang a banner reading, "Welcome to Castle (Last name.) Trim the room with white lights. Place pink and purple banners around the room with the names of all the princess's guests. Set out a ‘magical mirror', glitter wands, metallic fringe curtain decorations, and a princess castle play tent. Fill the room with pink, purple and silver balloons and streamers, plus large tissue paper flowers, glitter and confetti.
  • Set the table with a pink or purple tablecloth and paper products, or use Disney® theme princess plates and cups. Create a centerpiece out of princess dolls, crowns, wands, or jewelry. Turn the guest of honor's chair into a throne by wrapping it with ribbon and bows. Use a pink pillow for a seat.

Games & Activities

Princess party games

  • Dress up using costumes, accessories, makeup, and hair ribbons. Apply temporary tattoos to cheeks and hands, and do princess makeovers using body glitter, lip-gloss, blush, and wax lips.
  • Play "Find the Lost Slipper," hidden somewhere in the party room. Or "Find the King's Treasure" and have guests search for a treasure chest filled with jewels, candy, or gold coins.
  • Kiss the Frog. Hang a poster or paper cut-out of a large frog, blindfold the kids, and have them place lip-shaped stickers on the frog. Or play "Pin the Horn on the Unicorn" using a similar concept.
  • Make paper crowns or tiaras and decorate them with sequins, jewels, stickers, ribbons and glitter. Make jewelry out of beads and create jewelry boxes for safekeeping.
  • Make wands by decorating dowels with silver or gold pens, glitter and sequins, then attach a long ribbon to one end. Turn on ballroom music and have the guests dance with the ribbon wands.
  • Have guests create their own "pretty as a princess" picture frames, decorated with stickers, jewels, and gel pens. Insert an instant photo of each guest in the frame as a take-home party favor.
  • Hire a magician to entertain the court, or have an adult costumed princess make a special guest appearance.


  • Serve a princess cake. Bake cake batter in an ovenproof bowl. Turn out, cool, and insert a Barbie™ doll in the middle. Cover cake and bodice of doll with pink frosting, using star tip.
  • Cut dainty sandwiches using star-shaped cookie cutters.
  • Fill a teapot with pink lemonade and pour it into pretty punch glasses.
  • Give guests heart-shaped suckers, candy bracelets, and big lip suckers.


  • Fill pink bags or purses with princess goodies such as lip-gloss, necklaces, rings, bracelets, stick- on earrings, hair clips, feather pens, tattoos, tiaras, wands, boas and candy.
  • Give guests stuffed, rubber, or bendable frogs – explain the story of a frog turning into a prince.

Thank Yous

  • Include decorated framed pictures of the guests, dressed in their princess outfits.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure to have lots of dress up clothes on hand for those who don't have costumes, and keep the video camera handy to tape a princess parade.