10 Ways to Store Your Christmas Ornaments

Storing precious Christmas ornaments is not always an easy task. Ornaments can be delicate and vary in size.  Flimsy containers may bend or dent, leaving ornaments vulnerable to cracks and breaks. Storing ornaments can be an overwhelming process, but with the right tools, it can be easy and even fun. Here’s a list of 10 ways to store your Christmas Ornaments this holiday season.

Clear Plastic Containers & Bins
Large, clear plastic bins can be found at many major department stores.  These clear containers give you the ability to see inside the box easily, while providing the sturdiness needed to keep your ornaments safe. You can place ornaments in smaller boxes to stack inside the container or wrap them individually in bubble wrap, tissue paper or felt for easy organization.

Stackable Boxes
When storage space is limited, larger boxes may not be an option. Stackable storage boxes are a great alternative to keeping ornaments safe and sound. Be sure to organize each box with labels or leftover Christmas cards to quickly detect your Christmas boxes and avoid digging into each box to find what’s inside.

Shoe Boxes
If you’re on a tight budget, using the shoe boxes you have hanging out in your closet is a great way to store your Christmas decorations. Compact and stackable, shoe boxes provide flexibility and security when storing treasured keepsakes. Pad the box with tissue paper or felt or wrap each one individually to insure your ornaments will be ready for you next Christmas.

Egg Cartons
They protect eggs, and now egg cartons can easily protect your ornaments!  This storage option is not only budget-friendly, but it’s suited perfectly for separating and storing ornaments and other small decorations.  Once filled, the egg cartons can then be stacked on top of each other and placed in stackable boxes or larger bins.

Plastic Cups and Bins
Don’t throw away those disposable cups from your holiday party!  Give them a rinse and use them to store your ornaments.  Clear cups are best to see inside, but any plastic, paper or styrofoam cup will do.  All you need next is a large storage container or bin and sturdy cardboard. Take the cardboard and cut it to fit nicely into your storage container.  Then, use a glue gun or other adhesive to glue the bottoms of your plastic cups to the cardboard. Line the cups up neatly to optimize space. Make as many cup liners as needed. Place your ornaments into the cups, place in bin, then stack until your bin is full.  It’s that easy!

Coffee Filters & Felt
This organization tip will need a bin with cardboard dividers. Although the cardboard dividers help to keep ornaments from bumping and breaking, it may not be enough to protect your most fragile pieces. For an easy solution, place a coffee filter or felt into each of the open spaces.  This provides the extra cushion needed for your more delicate pieces, and it couldn’t be more affordable and easy!

Tennis Ball Cans, Containers & Jars
What seems like trash can easily transform in the perfect organizational solution!  If you’re out for a game of tennis, keep the tennis ball can. If you buy candy in larger containers or jars, don’t throw it away once the treats disappear.  Keep these containers and make them into your next ornament storage solution.  Stack ornaments into the cylinder containers and store them that way, or place those containers in a larger bin or box.  It’s creative and budget-friendly!

Wine Boxes
This storage solution is as easy as asking your local liquor or grocery store for their wine boxes with cardboard dividers. Almost all will be happy to oblige, and you’ll have free, easy ornament storage. Layer two to three ornaments wrapped in paper or tissue into each slot, and be sure to place heavier ones at the bottom.

Christmas Wreath Storage
Now that your ornaments are safe and sound, what about your Christmas wreath. Treat wreaths with the same care you give your fanciest dress. Slip the hoop over the neck of a coat hanger, then cover with a plastic bag.  Hang in a closet or in your storage room and your wreath will be as good as new for next year!

Christmas Lights Storage
If you’re tired of having a clustered, knotted mess when you pull out Christmas lights, then this easy storage solution is for you. Grab an empty coffee can from your kitchen and wind the string of lights around it.  Cut an X in the plastic top, and stick the plug through. Lastly, label each string with masking tape so your lights are easily distinguishable when it comes time to decorate next year!

Carefully storing your Christmas ornaments and decorations does not need to be a stressful or expensive task. With a little creativity, the perfect storage solution may be right in front of you. The more careful and organized you are when storing your decorations, the more grateful you’ll be next Christmas!

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