Christmas Candy Traditions

Christmas really is the happiest time of the year! It’s a time for family, playing in the snow, and honoring joyful family traditions. Whether decorating the tree, Christmas caroling, baking special desserts or eating delicious Christmas candies, time honored traditions add to the joy and excitement of this special holiday.

If you have a sweet tooth, one of the most exciting Christmas traditions is enjoying all the different assortments of Christmas candies. Some are best made in the family kitchen, specially bought and stuffed into stockings or put out into candy jars around the house or in the office. In honor of this Christmas tradition, we’ve listed five candy traditions that you may want to adopt for your family this holiday season!

Candy Canes
It can’t be Christmas without candy canes! Perfect for stuffing into stockings, setting out into candy jars or decorating on the tree or around the home, this candy makes the perfect holiday accessory or delicious treat. This beautifully ribboned candy doesn’t just come in the traditional hook, either. You can find candy canes as sticks, pinwheels, dipped in chocolate or other fruity flavors. Pick your favorites and bring them home to share with family.

Special Chocolates & Fudge
If you want to really celebrate the season, put out everyone’s favorite velvety chocolates and decadently rich fudge. No better time than Christmastime to kick those chocolate cravings up a notch. Enjoy chocolates in mint, caramel or raspberry flavors. Put out cherry cordials at the Christmas party or fudge layered with peppermint pieces. Try chocolates molded into your favorite holiday shapes, like bells, Christmas trees or Santa Claus and stuff them into stockings. With chocolate, the possibilities are endless!

Peppermint Bark
Yummy peppermint bark is the perfect treat to make with kids or buy at your favorite candy store. The creamy, crunchy, peppermint candy looks beautiful in candy boxes or bags and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. The white chocolate mixed with the Christmassy peppermint flavors will instantly get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Peanut Brittle
Peanut brittle has been made in grandma’s kitchen during Christmastime for generations. The salty sweet treat can be broken into big or little pieces and placed on beautiful Christmas plates to serve and to decorate too. It’s deliciously crunchy and the peanuts give the perfect balance of savory and sweet. Just grab a festive gift box or bag for your peanut brittle and make a wonderful gift for friends, family and co-workers just in time for Christmas.

Candied Apples
Festive, bright red candied apples make delightful Christmas candy treats. The red candy around the apple gives it a glossy sheen that makes it an irresistible treat or beautiful decoration - as long as they last! Making and decorating candied apples are a wonderful activity that can involve the whole family. If this sticky sweet treat isn’t a part of your Christmas traditions, give it a try this year. Wrap the apples in festive cellophane bags and give them as gifts or donate them to your local soup kitchens.

These delicious options are just a handful of traditional candies that are enjoyed during the holiday season. Pick which ones best suit your tastes, can be made at home, and best bought as a specialty. Mix, match and best of all – enjoy and spread the Christmas cheer!

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