Top 10 Tips for Indoor Easter Fun

If rainy weather or unseasonably cool temps have put a damper on your Easter plans in the past, why not weather-proof this year’s festivities by planning your celebration indoors? Read on to discover easy ways you can make every bunny happy, no matter the weather!

10. Have a Tea Party 
Perfect for little girls, a tea party is a fun way to celebrate spring and create a girls-only tradition they’ll enjoy year after year. Buy an Easter-themed teapot for the occasion and don’t forget the fancy hats, feather boas, gloves and sparkling jewelry, too!

9.  Decorate Cupcakes  
Whether you make or buy them, kids love decorating cupcakes and then enjoying their creations. Pastel frosting, tubes of gel icing, sprinkles, colored sugars, Easter candy and colored coconut flakes make tasty toppings for creative kids. Make sure to take a photo of each child with a favorite cupcake before the masterpiece disappears! (Brownies and cookies are a fun choice, too.)

8.  Do the Bunny Hop
Let your kids burn off some rainy day energy with an Easter dance party! Dress them up in bunny ears and bow ties and play music that will get them hopping. Add a game of musical chairs, have a sing-a-long or don a bunny costume and surprise kids with a visit from the Easter bunny himself!

7.  Play Easter Games for Prizes
When the egg hunt is over, keep the fun going with a variety of Easter games to entertain your crowd. Ring toss, disk drop, bean bag toss, spin-a-prize and “Pin the Tail on the Bunny” can all be played indoors. Shop for a variety of novelty toys and candy treats for the winners!

6.  Declare “Egg Day”
Scrambled eggs for breakfast, egg salad for lunch, deviled eggs with dinner…crack everybody up with your own “Egg Day” theme celebration!  Serve meals on egg-shaped plates, decorate the table with egg cups, have everyone dress in yellow and white — be creative! Invite friends and family to color Easter eggs and share the fun.

5.  Create Easter Bonnets
Plain white hats + kids’ imaginations = a fun, easy Easter activity they’ll ask for every year! Stock up on fabric paint, feathers, adhesive jewels, Easter charms, ribbons and more. Kids will love creating their own fun looks and dressing up for their very own Easter parade!

4.  Play Easter Charades
Hop like a bunny, chirp like a chick and come out of your shell with a game of charades. Great for kids of all ages, it’s a family favorite that’s easy to adapt for Easter time. Just write down your own clues based on your kids’ age levels (you can even draw pictures for the littlest ones) and let the fun begin.

3.  Host a Scavenger Hunt 
Here’s another fun way for kids to use their Easter baskets! Create a list of common household items and send them searching. Try looking for a paper clip, pair of dice, magnet, wooden spoon, gum wrapper…let your imagination run wild. Make the list long or short depending on how long you want the hunt to last. You can even split kids into teams and award prizes to the winners. 

2.  Enjoy Easter Crafts 
Everyone loves expressing their creativity, and Easter is the perfect time to get crafty with traditional or inspirational themes. Provide plenty of options for guests to make decorations, gifts and one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Choose from design-your-own items and make your crafts as simple or extravagant as you like, or try pre-packaged craft kits for an especially easy way to create a fun time for kids.

1.  Have an Indoor Egg Hunt
Don’t let the weather spoil your favorite Easter tradition – the egg hunt! Bring the fun indoors by hiding plastic eggs filled with candy and fun surprises. Limit your hunt to one or two rooms where the kids will have plenty of room to spread out and search for their goodies. With so many fun styles to choose from, you can make the hunt even more exciting with eggs in unexpected colors, patterns and shapes.

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