Promotional Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so show customers and employees that your company is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer with an assortment of Breast Cancer Awareness imprinted products. Here are some ideas for breast cancer rallies, races and fundraisers.

Pink ribbon key chain

Distribute breast cancer awareness key chains at health fairs. Fair-goers can stop by your booth, learn more about breast cancer awareness and pick up a free key chain along the way. You can also lay out pens and pencils displaying your breast cancer awareness message.

When female patients leave the doctor’s office, give them a pink bracelet to remind them of breast cancer awareness. You can give them an extra bracelet to give to a friend.

At your local restaurant, offer pink ribbon mints to customers when they are leaving.

Organize a breast cancer awareness run or walk event. Offer breast cancer awareness cups, t-shirts, ponchos and bracelets to those who enter. You can even put all of these items into one bag and give them away as a package.

Pink ribbon t-shirt

Host a “Wear Pink Day” at your office. Encourage women and men to wear something pink to acknowledge breast cancer awareness. You can even have t-shirts made that display your message.

Create a bulletin board in your workplace break room to advertise breast cancer awareness Month. Decorate with pink streamers, balloons and tissue paper. Hang up pamphlets that display information about breast cancer too.

Pink ribbon tote

During the month of October, set up a booth on your college campus offering information about breast cancer awareness. Offer free goodies like t-shirts, key chains, bags and cups.

Organize a breast cancer awareness picnic fundraiser or carnival at your church. Invite everyone to come and charge a small amount for food and games. Donate the proceeds to the breast cancer awareness organization of your choice.

Hand out breast cancer awareness key chains, cups, bracelets and candy to women’s sports leagues. Go to women’s golf leagues or bowling leagues to start.

Pink ribbon rubber duckies

Organize a brown-bag luncheon at your workplace. Invite a breast cancer awareness speaker to attend and invite your women coworkers to hear her speak. Hand out goodies like bracelets, pink ribbon pens, breast cancer awareness rubber duckys and candy during the presentation.

Your company’s involvement can truly make a difference to a cause.