Year-End Celebrations: From Carnivals to Commencement

After nine months of growing and learning together as a class, it is time to face the bittersweet joy of saying good-bye. For some, this means a very formal send off with caps and gowns and all the pomp and circumstance which surrounds graduation. For others, it is a time of activity and excitement, complete with games and carnival fun. Whichever route you follow always requires a measure of planning.

To start, you will need to answer some basic questions. Who will be helping with the planning & preparation? Where will the event be held? Are there alternative locations if the event is scheduled for outdoors, but must be moved inside? Who will be in attendance? Will there be invitations? Will there be diplomas/certificates? What type of entertainment will be provided? What types of decorations will be needed? Will there be a yearbook or video yearbook available for the students? What food will be provided?

Graduation Gowns

If you choose to have a more formal celebration, you will need to consider things such as dress. Will there be caps & gowns? If so, who will be responsible for ordering them and making sure that they are ready in time for the commencement ceremony? If only caps, will they be purchased or handmade? If handmade, who will make them and what materials will be used? Will there be some sort of procession? Will there be music? How will it be provided? Will there be refreshments? What type of program will be presented? Who will be the master/mistress of ceremonies? Who will speak? Who will present the diplomas/certificates?

For a more casual event, you will need to consider a theme and then make preparations accordingly. For example: A carnival environment requires the planning of games along with suitable prizes. A picnic would involve the development of an appropriate menu and location, along with a determination of how the food will be prepared and preserved? A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt might involve the creation of maps or descriptions for attendees to follow to find the desired prize. This could include the completion of activities related to lessons taught throughout the school year, which allows the students to see how much they’ve learned.

No matter how you plan on commemorating the year’s accomplishments, remember that there are many around you who can help with planning and ensure that it is a time everyone will enjoy. This is the perfect time to continue your parent-teacher partnership; and together you can celebrate the growth of the children you’ve served.

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