5 Fun Ways to Welcome Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is going to be full of excitement, joy and a million things to do. As you’re getting dressed and ready for the ceremony, one thing you won’t be able to do is personally greet your guests as they arrive. Why not come up with a creative way to welcome them to your venue? Here are 5 fun ideas to help you say “Welcome” on your big day!

1. Videos or photos: If it’s appropriate at your ceremony location, consider playing a prerecorded video or photo montage of you and your groom. Guests will enjoy seeing footage of the two of you from the time you met to the days leading up to your wedding. You can even include a personal message thanking family and friends for sharing your special day.

Photo Backdrop2. Create a photo scrapbook: As they sign in at your guest book table, have your attendant take guests’ photos as she hands them a program. Hang a photo backdrop and provide props for even more fun. After the wedding, print the guests’ photos to add to your wedding scrapbook.

3. Young attendants: Enlist the help of young nieces, nephews or friends’ children to welcome your guests. Kids will love greeting each guest as they hand out single stem flowers tied with a ribbon and a welcome note from you.

4. A musical hello: Choose pre-ceremony music to set the scene for your wedding as guests arrive. Upbeat, romantic, themed or spiritual selections help create a mood among your guests. Songs that have a special meaning to friends or family members will help them feel welcome and included in your day.

5. Wedding program trivia: For extra fun, tuck a list of bride and groom trivia questions in each program. As guests wait for the ceremony to begin, they will mingle and meet each other as they try to answer all of the questions. Where did you go on your first date? How did he propose? Tell guests that answer sheets can be found at the reception!

Little details can really make your wedding day feel special. Read Ideas for Wedding Ceremony Accessories for even more great tips.