Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Arch With Bride And GroomDon’t miss the opportunity to capture every special moment of your wedding day! You’ll find that the day goes by so fast that it’s important to plan for the little details. A photography checklist is a good way to assist your professional photographer and is essential if you are having a friend or family member take the pictures on your wedding day.

Create your checklist and calculate the amount of time needed to complete photos, planning about 2 minutes per photo. You should decide ahead of time which photos will be taken at home, at the church, the reception or a special location. If you choose to take photos before the ceremony, remember that guests arrive up to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

To help your photographer, add people’s names to this list before the wedding.

Bride’s Family
Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather

Groom’s Family
Mother of the Groom
Father of the Groom
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather

Bridal Party
Maid of Honor
Best Man
Flower Girl
Ring Bearer

Pre-Ceremony Shots - Groom
Alone – Getting ready; arriving to venue; with boutonniere; looking at ring in box
with Mother
with Father
with both parents
with other family members
with the Best Man
with the Groomsmen
with the Ring Bearer

Pre-Ceremony Shots - Bride
Alone – Getting ready; arriving to venue; putting on jewelry; with bouquet; with veil; putting on garter
with Mother
with Father
with both parents
with other family members
with Maid of Honor
with Bridesmaids
with Flower Girl

Check with your church or ceremony venue regarding photography during the ceremony. You’ll want to follow the guidelines given for your location. Remember that many places have several events planned per day so be sure to ask about time available before and after the ceremony.

Post-Ceremony Shots
Couple leaving the church
Signing marriage license
Bride & Groom leaving in car
Location shots
Bride alone
Groom alone
Bride & Groom together
Bride with attendants
Groom with attendants
Bride with male attendants
Groom with female attendants
Bride with each attendant
Groom with each attendant
Entire Wedding Party
Hands with wedding rings
Bride & Groom with Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Bride & Groom with Best Man and Maid of Honor
Bride & Groom with Officiant
Organist and/or Soloists
Guest book
Pew decorations

Bride & Groom arriving at reception
Receiving line
First dance
Father/daughter and Mother/son dances
Cutting the cake
Buffet line
Cake table
Table centerpieces/place setting/favors
Bouquet & Garter toss
Couple leaving reception
Getaway car leaving reception

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