10 Tips for Choosing Wedding Table Centerpieces

Unless they’re on the dance floor or at the buffet, your reception guests will spend the majority of the evening at their tables. The table centerpieces you choose can help guests feel welcome and express your personality while complementing your wedding décor. 

So how do you choose? With so many options today, it can be a daunting task. Before you start thinking color choices and monograms, consider the big picture with these 10 tips to help streamline your selection process.

1. Budget: Decide how much money you can spend on centerpieces and use your per table estimate to guide your choices.

2. Venue: Be sure to consult your location/caterer for their rules and regulations. There are often restrictions on open flames, using glass and who’s responsible for cleanup.

3. Set-up time: When you can get into your venue and who will be doing the set-up should help determine the complexity of your centerpieces.

4. Table elements: If you are having formal place settings, place cards, favor bags, water carafes and 8-10 guests per table, how much room will you have for centerpieces? Creating a table diagram will help you create a space plan.

5. Timing: If you’re a DIY girl, make sure to plan plenty of time (and helpers) when creating your centerpieces. Create a test piece months in advance then schedule the day when your actual centerpieces will need to be completed.

6. Environment: Take into consideration the temperature and surroundings if you plan to use fresh flowers, edible arrangements, chocolate, wax candles, live fish, etc. 

7. Seasonality: If you’re opting for fresh flowers and natural elements, consider what will be in season the month of your ceremony or if artificial flowers should be used instead.

8. Lighting: If you plan an evening reception in a dimly lit venue, consider adding candles, battery-operated tealights, lanterns or strings of lights to create accent lighting.

9. Height: Consider how tall you want your centerpieces to be. Will guests need to look across the table to have conversations or see the dance floor? For outdoor affairs, keep the possibility of wind in mind when choosing taller arrangements.

10. Portability: Guests traditionally take their table centerpieces home with them. If you plan to follow this custom, make sure it’s something they can easily carry. You may want to build the arrangement in multiple pieces, such as eight flowerpots arranged together – one for each guest.

Make sure you don’t forget any details leading up to your big day by using a Wedding Planning Checklist.