5 Simple Money-Saving Wedding Tips

Wedding Decorations

Weddings are beautiful, romantic, inspiring and often times, expensive. Save yourself the stress and ease your budget woes by looking for easy ways to cut costs. Here are five ideas that will help trim your expenses in an instant.

1. Look at Locations for Less
When planning your reception site, consider all your options before making a decision. Do you or a family member belong to a club or organization that offers a reception site at a discount? Does your church offer their meeting hall for wedding parties? Consult your college’s alumni association for on campus options, too. You’ll also want to ask your friends for referrals of places they have used for big events. You may be surprised at the places you’ll find and the wide range of price options available.

2. Entertain the Savings
Instead of a DJ or band, consider pre-recording CDs to play at your wedding. Enlist the help of a younger sibling or cousin to cue up the right songs at just the right time during your reception. If you have a talented friend or family member, ask them to play the piano or guitar during your ceremony or dance.

3. Choose A Theme
It’s easy to get carried away with the look of your wedding day. By selecting a theme and planning the day from start to finish, you can keep your budget in mind and help control costs. A casual theme often costs less than a formal affair. Many brides are opting for a backyard Western wedding theme, a garden party, big top carnival theme or a tropical luau.

4. Add the Finishing Touches
Skipping the salon can save you hundreds of dollars. Have a friend or relative help with your hair and makeup, manicure and facial. Practice your look weeks before the wedding with a trial run to get everything just right. Remember to apply makeup with your location’s lighting in mind.

5. Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
Following wedding traditions can help keep costs in check, too. Consider wearing your mother’s gown or even an aunt or sister’s gown. If it’s not quite the look you want, ask if alterations can be made or accessorize with a belt, wrap, new veil or headpiece. Borrow jewelry for yourself and the bridal party, such as strands of pearls. You’ll save money and your relatives will appreciate the part they can play in your special day.

There are lots of ways you can make your wedding special on a limited budget. Read 10 Tips for Choosing Wedding Table Centerpieces for creative do-it-yourself wedding decoration ideas.